The music entertainment industry in South Korea continues to grow over time. Many companies compete to debut new music groups that can be widely recognized.

One of them is FirstOne Entertainment, an agency from South Korea which has just debuted a boy group named NINE.i which means “EVERYDAY NEW i” on March 30, 2022.

A few weeks before debuting, NINE.i was already stumbled into several controversies , one of which was the use of a sensitive debut concept about historical events. Instead of getting curious, let look at the following facts about the NINE.i boy group .

1. NINE.i is the first boy group from the FirstOne Entertainment agency which contains 10 talented members

2. Prior to its debut, NINE.i had received criticism from netizens regarding the concept of a teaser video that raised a sensitive issue which was released on March 9, 2022.

3. The teaser is titled PROLOGUE FILM [THE BIRTH OF NEW ALGORITHM] which contains clips of the events of black oppression, the Holocaust , to the American Civil War

4. Shortly after the controversy, FirstOne Entertainment finally changed the teaser to another version and expressed an apology

5. NINE.i started his career through the mini album NEW WORLD with the title track “Parallel Universe” which was released on March 30, 2022

6. In charge of leading the group, Jewon who is a former Produce X 101 contestant was lined up as a vocalist

7. Born on March 27, 1998, Eden is the oldest member of NINE.i who has a fun personality

8. Being the only member from outside Korea, Winnie from Thailand successfully debuted with NINE.i as a rapper

9. Then there is Minjun, who participated in the survival show Wild Idol but was eliminated in episode 3

10. Having participated in the survival show Under Nineteen, Kim Jung Woo or Vahn was lined up as a producer , vocalist , and rapper . He participated in producing all the songs on NINE.i debut album, you know

11. Born September 3, 2000, Vari is dubbed as the acrobatic ace of the group on NINE.i

12. Seowon who has decided to become a K-pop idol since childhood, finally made it into the debut line-up of NINE.i thanks to his amazing dance skills

13. Responsible as a performance leader in the group, Taehun was born on March 21, 2002

14. Despite belonging to the maknae line , Joohyoung also participated in writing and composing several songs on NINE debut album.i

15. Jiho, who trained at JYP Entertainment, became the youngest member in his group, he was lined up as a rapper

Despite having experienced controversy, NINE.i debut was fairly successful through the mini album titled NEW WORLD. The new album shows NINE.i unique storyline as they move forward to face a new world.

The members of NINE.i also brought together their debut song “Parallel Universe”, where the song tells about finding oneself in a parallel universe, which is also the savior of one life.

Of the 10 NINE.i members , who is about to enter your bias list ?

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By Jaya