Actress Halle Berry had won an Oscar in 2002 for the main category, namely Best Actress. She also became the first black woman to win the trophy and that hasn’t changed.
He also felt disappointed and devastated because there were no more changes in the event.

“It didn’t open the door,” said Berry, who took home the coveted title 20 years ago for his role in Monster’s Ball.

Back then, said Berry, he never expected to win. Footage of moments at the 2002 Oscars shows he really can’t believe he can win the trophy.

He also repeatedly said ‘Oh God, oh God’ over and over again. On stage clutching his golden trophy and sobbing he said that this was a very big moment in his life.

Halle Berry also dedicated her win to Dorothy Dandridge, Diahann Carroll, Angela Bassett, and other previously nominated black women.

“This is for every nameless and faceless woman of color who now has the opportunity because tonight’s door has opened,” she said.

That same night, Denzel Washington became the second black person to win Best Actor. In the two decades since, two more black men, Jamie Foxx and Forest Whitaker, have won Best Actor Oscars, but Berry remains the only black woman to win the top acting award for women.

Eight years passed before another black woman was even nominated in the category, and it’s happened only six times since.

Starting from Jessica Chastain to Penelope Cruz and Kristen Stewart vying for the trophy. Jessica Chastain’s stunning performance in The Eyes of Tammy Faye also earned her the right to take home the trophy, but Penelope Cruz is also considered a strong candidate through her performance in Parallel Mothers.

By Yas Il