Footage Of The Last Episode Of ‘Happiness‘ Showed Yoon Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo) Who Was Desperate To Return To The Apartment With A Mysterious Illness To Meet Jung Yi Hyun (Hyungsik).

” Happiness ” aired the last episode on Saturday (11/12). The last episode of the tvN drama that paired Han Hyo Joo and Hyungsik ended happily for the residents of the apartment.

The footage of the last episode shows Yoon Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo) who is desperate to return to the apartment to meet Jung Yi Hyun (Hyungsik). Even though Jung Yi Hyun has actually been infected and can attack anyone at any time.

When Jung Yi Hyun began to turn into a zombie at the sight of blood, the man immediately ran into the apartment and hid under the blanket. But Yoon Sae Bom finally came and tried to calm her husband down.

Jung Yi Hyun began to gradually return to normal and came out of hiding. Once he knew that his husband had fully realized, Yoon Sae Bom wasted no time and immediately kissed the lips of the man she loved so much.

The last episode of “Happiness” was immediately flooded with comments from Indonesian fans. Many were overjoyed because the kiss scene of Yoon Sae Bom and Jung Yi Hyun that they had been waiting for had finally materialized.

” TIPIEN UNDERSTAND OUR WILLING STLH 11 EPISODE, THANK YOU TIPIEN TPI FOR THIS HRI, I’M READY TO BLESS WHEN JIRISAN SAD ENDING ,” wrote a fan. ” with the ending.. the most important thing is that I like them kisseu… ,” continued another.

” Finalllyyyyy!!! Ahhh at the end of the kiss, the important thing is to leave a deep impression on the audience ,” added another. “,” said another fan. ” Aaaagghhhhh, my favorite couple, the Yi Hyun hasn’t changed because his love is sincere for Sae Bomb, ready to have a kiss ,” concluded the other fans.

Meanwhile, the last episode of “Happiness” managed to record the highest rating throughout the broadcast with 4.1 percent. This drama will be replaced by ” Bad and Crazy ” starting December 17th.

Bucin's Husband, How Sweet is Hyungsik's Confession of Love to Han Hyo Joo in 'Happiness'

Bucin’s Husband, How Sweet Is Hyungsik’s Confession Of Love To Han Hyo Joo In ‘Happiness’ Take A Peek At The Following Snippet.

The tvN drama ” Happiness ” has aired its latest episode on Friday (10/12) last night. One of the most attention-grabbing scenes from this episode is Jung Yi Hyun’s ( Hyungsik ) love confession to Yoon Sae Bom ( Han Hyo Joo ).

In episode 11, Jung Yi Hyun finally turned into a zombie after being infected with a madman’s disease.

But before that happened, Jung Yi Hyun had recorded a video to express his feelings for Yoon Sae Bom. It was a simple but sweet video he shot in his apartment.

Jung Yi Hyun said, “Surprise! Hello, Sae Bom. Sorry I never proposed to you properly.

He continued, “I keep saying I like you. If you misunderstand. I’m not that easy guy.He’s blinded by love. Pretend he’s invisible.”

She said, “I wish we could go out and watch this video together. If that happens, I’ll be rightly saying that I like you.”

By Fuzy