Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane gave a classy gesture after the match against Burnley was postponed. The clash between the two clubs, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday night (28/11/2021), could not take place because the Turf Moor field was covered with snow.

Indeed, yesterday the United Kingdom was hit by Hurricane Arnwen. All matches held on Sunday had been disrupted due to snowfall. However, Turf Moor was the only field hardest hit by the storm. Meanwhile, other matches can be carried out, although in fairly tough conditions.

The disappointment of two militant fans : Launching the Daily Mirror, the postponement of the match made two Spurs supporters disappointed. Those who come from Dallas and have to spend about 31 hours traveling to watch the Spurs play against Burnley, have to bite their fingers.

“From Dallas to London, until finally Burnley. We had to travel 31 hours without sleep, only drinking coffee and cheese crackers. Cold temperatures and snow are predicted for the game later. Here’s what you would do for your favorite club,” wrote two Spurs fans who are husband and wife, Ken and Brandy Saxton, on their second Twitter account.

Invited to watch the home game : Their teasing also garnered sympathy from other Spurs fans. They gave the tease to Harry Kane’s account.

It didn’t take long for the striker to give a classy response. Kane gives Ken and Brandy an invitation to watch the postponed match.

“Just sent your tweet and it’s a shame for both of you. To honor your commitment and make up for the postponed game, I would like to invite you to watch the home game as my guests while in London,” Kane replied.

Not very disappointed : Ken and Brandy were not terribly disappointed by the delay. Because, it turns out that both of them have other plans to spend time on vacation in England.

They turned out to have made an appointment with his friends. So, their focus now is to meet their friends and hang out together.

“Definitely disappointed. But, I also have an appointment here with friends. That is more important. But, make no mistake, I love Tottenham and football. However, I am more disappointed if my friends go straight to Stoke,” said Ken.

By Rama