On November 24, 2021, we have the latest series from Marvel that is part of the MCU, namely Hawkeye . The series, which again stars Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton, immediately released a total of two episodes in the first week of its broadcast.

In the first episode, we are more invited to get to know the figure of Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), the character who will become Clint Barton’s successor as Hawkeye. We will be able to see Kate’s childhood which made her interested in becoming a hero and having a responsibility to protect those closest to her.

In addition, we also finally find out how the life of Clint Barton was able to reunite with his family after half the world’s population returned in Avengers: Endgame (2019). However, suddenly the dark past of Clint reappeared which later became the starting point for meeting Kate Bishop.

Hawkeye series review episode 1
Battle of New York from Kate Bishop’s perspective

Through the first scene of this series, we can immediately see the childhood of Kate Bishop while living with her parents in an apartment in New York. Kate also looks sad because her parents are arguing about their move. However, soon there was a huge explosion that made the walls of Kate’s apartment shattered.

Yep, the opening scene of this series takes place during the Battle of New York which is the incident when Loki and Chitauri invaded Earth in the first film Avengers (2012) . Even so, this time we see the moment of the big fight from the point of view of Kate Bishop who is still a child.

At that moment, we can also see Clint Barton in action against a number of Chitauri aliens using his bow and arrow. In fact, there is also a moment when Clint saves Kate from the Chitauri who are rushing towards him. That moment was the starting point for Kate to idolize Clint and also inspired him to act as a hero like in the comics.

The opening sequence that leaks Kate Bishop’s abilities
After the flashback moment that featured the Battle of New York, we were immediately shown with the opening sequence like a series in general which displays the names of the players. In this opening sequence, we can see various illustrations related to the series. In fact, the opening sequence also shows us with Kate Bishop’s abilities in the later series.

This is because in the opening sequence there are a number of illustrations featuring Kate as an athlete from various sports. Starting from archery, judo, fencing, gymnastics, and much more. In addition, we can also see various kinds of trophies and medals from each of these sports, which of course indicates that Kate has qualified skills .

The opening sequence also indirectly explains that Kate has her abilities as a hero thanks to her training as an athlete. This is certainly different from Clint Barton who got his skills as a superhero thanks to years of training to become an agent of the secret agency SHIELD.

Clint Barton still traumatized by the death of Natasha Romanoff

Besides Kate Bishop, we can also see the life of Clint Barton in the first episode of this series. Clint was also seen enjoying time with his children by watching a musical performance that narrated the moments of the Avengers’ battle during the Battle of New York. This also allows us to see the superheroes who founded the theatrical version of the Avengers, including Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow.

Even so, when the theater scene shows moments from Natasha, Clint immediately has a breakdown and goes outside the theater. This scene indicates that Clint is most likely still traumatized by the tragic death of Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Endgame . You see, Natasha sacrificed her life so that Clint could bring the Soul Stone home and save the world.

Clint was most likely still blaming himself for the death of his friend. Moreover, Clint also wanted to sacrifice his life first even though he failed because of Natasha. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how Clint can finally overcome his trauma in this series.

The identity of the Ronin who will be the main source of the conflict in the series
Towards the end of the series, there was an auction of dark goods involving the lover of his mother, Kate Bishop. One of the items in the auction is Ronin’s costume and sword. Just a reminder, Ronin is Clint Barton’s alter ego when he kills criminals viciously to vent his anger because his family disappeared due to Thanos’ actions in Endgame .

Just as the auction process was still going on, suddenly a group of criminals appeared looking for the Ronin’s weapons. Kate, who saw the costume lying just like that, immediately put it on and took action against the criminals. However, Kate’s action was caught on camera and it became new news that Ronin’s figure has now returned.

Clint, knowing this, immediately tracked down the whereabouts of the new Ronin, none other than Kate, who later became the ending of the first episode. Seeing Clint’s response, most likely the secret of Ronin’s identity will be the main conflict of this series. You see, the use of this identity by Kate makes him hunted by criminal groups and Clint as the previous owner.

By Raufs