During the first two races of the Formula 1 season 2022, Ferrari was able to show a slick appearance. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz were able to finish in successive podium positions. In fact, Leclerc managed to win the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Helmut Marko, the adviser to the Red Bull team, responded to Leclerc good performance in the first two races of the season. According to him, Leclerc is Ferrari ‘main’ driver in the 2022 season. What is the reason Marko thinks so?

1. Leclerc can beat Sainz in the first two races of 2022 Formula 1

In the two races earlier this season, Leclerc was able to finish ahead of Sainz. Not only that, the racer from Monaco was also able to achieve a better starting position than Sainz.

The points obtained in the standings also show Leclerc advantage over Sainz. Currently, Leclerc is on the throne of the drivers’ standings with 45 points. Meanwhile, Sainz occupies the runner-up position with a distance of 12 points.

2. Helmut Marko rate Leclerc Ferrari number one driver this season

These conditions make Helmut Marko assess if Leclerc becomes Ferrari number one driver in the 2022 season. That was conveyed by him in an interview with Servus TV.

Last year, Carlos Sainz beat Charles Leclerc. However, this year Leclerc is at the top. That means we can’t expect any support from Sainz. clear, Marko said to PlanetF1 .

3. Marko impressed with the duel Leclerc and Verstappen in the first two races

Regarding the competition between Leclerc and Max Verstappen, Marko admitted that he was impressed. The Red Bull team adviser looks forward to competition between the two drivers in other races besides the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia GPs.

It hit us hard. However, there is still enough time to reclaim the top spot. The Saudi Arabian GP is a start. It been a very long time since the two teams (Red Bull and Ferrari) have been so close. The last time it happened was in the 2010 season, said Marko.

4. Christian Horner praises Leclerc and Verstappen rivalry

In line with Helmut Marko, Christian Horner also praised the fierce duel between Leclerc and Verstappen. Moreover, the competition between the two has occurred since they took part in the karting car racing event .

In sport, everything evolves and it has always been like that. Ferrari in recent years have looked ‘calm’, but they have emerged with a very competitive car this year.

You see two incredible easy drivers competing against each other in a competitive Formula 1 car and the first two races are phenomenal moments. You also see that there a lot of respect between the two of them and that really exciting,” said Horner .

5. Leclerc and Verstappen fought fiercely at the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia GPs

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen were involved in a fierce battle in the two races earlier this season. At the Bahrain GP, ​​Leclerc managed to finish first while Verstappen failed to finish due to problems with his car.

However, Verstappen was able to retaliate by conquering Leclerc in the Saudi Arabian GP race. The Australian GP on 8-10 April 2022 will be interesting to look forward to. Will Leclerc and Verstappen fight continue?


By Jaya