Pregnancy is the most awaited moment for married couples. Being able to get pregnant naturally is a blessing given by God. The reason, not all women can feel it.

Some of them have difficulty conceiving for some reason, as experienced by a number of Hollywood stars below. The problems they face make them have to try extra so that they can have offspring.

As if they wanted to motivate other women with the same fate, they openly shared how they struggled to get pregnant. Is there anyone, Mom?

1. Chrissy Teigen

John Legend wife, Chrissy Teigen, has been open about her infertility experience. The actress who once voiced the movie ‘Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation ‘ had time to undergo IVF to be able to contain her two children, Luna and Miles.

On a different occasion, John Legend also shared stories about his and his wife struggles to have children.

“We thought, we should go to the doctor and see why this (pregnancy) can not happen naturally. You know, sometimes it more difficult for some people than others,” said John Legend.

2. Kim Kardashian

After giving birth to her second child, the wife of Kanye Wets used the services of a surrogate mother to conceive and give birth to her third child, Chicago West.

Kim Kardashian admits that she can’t get pregnant anymore due to complications from placenta accreta when she was pregnant with her two children.

He is quite open to share his bitter experience. In fact, this ‘Disaster Movie ‘ player had said that it was the most painful experience in his life.

3. Nicole Kidman

Next there is Nicole Kidman who once said that she had gone through a rollercoaster experience due to fertility problems.

Furthermore, the ‘Big Little Lies’ star explained that she and her ex-husband, Tom Cruise, decided to adopt a child after struggling to get pregnant.

After marrying Keith Urban, Kidman was able to naturally conceive his daughter, Sunday Rose. However, she again had difficulty conceiving so she used the services of a surrogate to conceive and give birth to Faith Margaret.

4. Tyra Banks

The star of ‘Hannah Montana: The Movie ‘ this one has gone through the bitterness of experiencing fertility problems. Tyra Banks to use IVF method, but failed.

Until finally, she welcomed the birth of her son, York Banks Asla, through the services of a surrogate mother in 2016. She once shared her difficult experience of getting pregnant in a chat with Chrissy Teigen.

“It was so funny when I was 23, I used to say to myself, ‘In three years, I’m going to have a child.’ Then when I was 24. ‘In three years, I’m going to have kids’. Every year I keep saying that. And then after a while, I say ‘OK, now I want to’ and it not easy,” he said.

5. Courteney Cox

Courteney Bass Cox once told that she had experienced several miscarriages before successfully conceiving her daughter, Coco, through the IVF method. She shared stories of difficult times getting pregnant in an interview with People magazine in 2003.

Starring the movie cream ‘ is with her ex-husband, David Arquette, will try to get back up every time they have a miscarriage.

6. Amy Schumer

The IVF pregnancy program has also been undertaken by the famous American comedian and actress, Amy Schumer.

After giving birth to her first baby, Gene, in 2019, Amy candidly said that she and her husband underwent an IVF program.

Quoting from Insider, the star of the movie ‘The Humans ‘ intends to give a sibling to his son. But instead she had difficulty when she wanted to get a natural pregnancy.

During the process of undergoing IVF, Amy admitted that she was tired because of the many steps that had to be taken.

7. Paris Hilton

In 2021, Hollywood actress Paris Hilton chose to have an in-vitro fertilization program or IVF with her boyfriend, Carter Reum. Hilton said she made the decision because she wanted to have twins, a boy and a girl.

He explained that prospective parents can choose the embryos they want to use, even though they have to bear additional costs.

“You can choose whether you want a boy or a girl. The only way to 100 percent have it is to do it that way,” said Paris Hilton, launched from Insider .

Well, so that it, a number of Hollywood artists have done a pregnancy program . From this we can see that they are willing to fight for anything to be able to have children. Salute to them, huh, Ma?

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By Jaya