In recent years, superhero- themed films have never died. The latest superhero -themed films are continuously released and always invite many viewers to come to the cinema.

Even though Marvel Studios’ superhero- themed films are widely liked, there are some Hollywood artists who don’t like them. Various reasons were given by those who did not like Marvel’s films.

Here are five Hollywood artists who openly dislike Marvel movies. About why, huh?

Jason Statham : Jason Satham is known as an actor who plays in action films , such as The Transporter and Fast & Furious. Amazingly, he often does dangerous scenes in films without the help of a stuntman, you know.

According to the Hollywood Reporter , Jason said his grandmother could also play in a Marvel movie because it uses a lot of green screens and stunts.

Jennifer Anniston : Her full name is Jennifer Joanna Aniston, she is a talented American actress. Jennifer is famous after playing in the famous series Friends as Rachel Green.

Jennifer admitted that she was never interested in being involved in a Marvel superhero film . For him, Marvel films have damaged the film industry in general, because cinemas are always filled with films from Marvel Studios every year. Jennifer hopes that the number of Marvel films on the market can be reduced.

Alejandro Gonzales Innaritu : Alejandro Innaritu is a film director from Mexico who won Oscars in 2014 and 2015.

Innaritu commented that superhero films have shallow pretensions. Not only that, he also considers superhero films as poison. This is because films of this genre can kill human culture because they display many unreal scenes.

Jodie Foster : Jodie Foster is an American actress, director, and film producer. The Oscar winner through the film Silence of The Lambs has also given scathing comments to Marvel films .

Reported by Deadline, he compared Marvel’s films with fracking oil drilling which scientists considered damaging the earth. Superhero films can indeed reap a lot of profits, but for him superhero films destroy the film industry.

Oscar Martin Scorsese : Martin Scorsese is a famous film director who won the Oscar for best director for the film The Departed (2006). Martin is the next Hollywood character who doesn’t like Marvel superhero movies .

Reported by IndieWire, Scrosse considers that superhero films do not have the emotional value that a film should have. He also considers superhero films as mere amusement parks.

Although superhero films are one of the most popular cinema films, many people don’t like them because they don’t reflect real life. Are you also one of those people who don’t like superhero movies ?

By Rama