The winter 2022 transfer market is in sight. One of the hot properties that are being discussed is the player AC Milan , Franck Kessie . Some predict that he will leave the San Siro as early as January next year.

Kessie has a chance to go into the atmosphere of the Premier League. There are three giant clubs that are ready to accommodate and have an interest in signing him, namely Arsenal , Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur.

Early summer 2021, Arsenal and Manchester United have the upper hand. At least, they are ready to throw a budget in order to bring in the attacking midfielder.

However, now the wind has started to change. Arsenal and Manchester United can’t be careless anymore, because Tottenham Hotspur are their rivals. Media circles in England said, the figure of Antonio Conte became a magnet for Kessie to move to the Spurs. revealed, currently Tottenham Hotspur are one step ahead of Arsenal and Manchester United. They have made an official offer, and it could be realized in the next week.

If it really happened, Arsenal and Manchester United deserve to be disappointed and ‘hurt’. Understandably, they had earlier made a request for Kessie to go to their headquarters. However, when Spurs and Conte arrived, Kessie could turn away.

Completed contract
As is known, Kessie’s contract with AC Milan will expire in the summer of next year. If not immediately sold, AC Milan will not get fresh funds, because Kessie can leave without any conditions.

Throughout the course of the 2021/2022 Italian League half season, Kessie has scored five goals from 16 matches in Serie A. Actually, AC Milan has sent a new offer to Kessie’s camp with a new salary of 5 million euros per year.

Unfortunately, the offer did not get a response from the former Atalanta player. That is, Kessie chose to leave and will determine his fate in January next year.

Tottenham Hotspur coach Antonio Conte said transfer policy would be a priority and would appear in early 2022. “That’s for sure, and now I want to see what I can do. In this situation, I want to focus on improving the performances of the players,” he stressed.

The presence of Kessie will further strengthen the variety of Tottenham Hotspur’s midfield. This means that the ideal conditions are now on them after Harry Kane is sharp again and Son Heung-min remains consistent.

By Raufs