House of Gucci is based on the true story of the tragedy of the murder of Maurizio Gucci in 1995. This murder was masterminded by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani. Maurizio was shot dead by a hitman on the stairs leading to his office in Milan. This story is certainly interesting to visualize. Ridley Scott tried to bring it to the big screen this year. Bursting with stars from Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto, Adam Driver and Lady Gaga, this film looks promising to be enjoyed. That is right? At 2 hours 38 minutes, the film revolves around the problems Gucci and Maurizio face. The climax is only 2 minutes. The rest, yes, long rambling drama which I don’t know what the point is. Want to talk about Gucci’s goosebumps? It could be. But, from the start, this film promises to be a spectacle of the deadly tragedy.This film initially tells the story of Maurizio (Adam Driver), the grandson of the founder of Gucci, whose life is simple. He goes everywhere by bicycle. On the other hand, there is Patrizia (Lady Gaga) who works at her father’s trucking company. One night, Patrizia met Maurizio at a party. From that first meeting, Patrizia had been desperate to be Maurizio’s girlfriend. By all means, he tried to approach Maurizio. The way it worked, Maurizio fell in love with him. Unfortunately, the relationship was not approved by Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy Irons), Maurizio’s father. He expels Maurizio who is desperate to date Patrizia. For Rodolfo, Patrizia is nothing more than a woman who seeks out her child for social assistance or social climbing.

Maurizio and Patrizia finally got married. Patrizia then became the driving force for Maurizio to work harder at Gucci under the direction of his uncle, Aldo Gucci (Al Pacino). Aldo himself is dizzy because his successor, Paolo (Jared Leto), is unreliable. Maurizio’s presence gave him a glimmer of hope.

Patrizia constantly baffled Maurizio with crazy ideas about Gucci and how Maurizio could emerge as the leader of the company. The cunning of this couple is well established. They managed to get rid of Aldo and Paolo. Maurizio also shines as the boss of Gucci. As Maurizio’s career continues to shine brightly, his relationship with Patrizia deteriorates. Maurizio has an affair with Paola Franchi, his childhood friend. Maurizio cheated after feeling unhappy with his marriage. He felt Patrizia was too ambitious and drove her away. Maurizio then filed a divorce suit against Patrizia. The divorce had a bad impact on Patrizia. He became a grudge against Maurizio. Moreover, many of the ideas that came from him were used by Maurizio to advance Gucci. Patrizia also intends to kill her ex-husband.

As a story based on a true story, of course, there are many expectations that this film will be exactly the same. In fact, no. One of the big differences between the film and the original story is Rodolfo. In the film, Rodolfo has an important role at Gucci. Originally, Rodolfo worked as an actor and was not involved in the Gucci company.

Lady Gaga’s acting in this film is mediocre. Not too great. His Italian accent is odd too. He looked more like a Russian than an Italian in the way he spoke. The acting doesn’t look natural either. He seems to be trying to look “acting”. It can be seen that he relies heavily on facial expressions and body language . His emotions are not shown in his acting. Maybe many will not agree with me. Meanwhile, Adam Driver, aside from his weird accent, his acting is okay. Likewise with Al Pacino and others. The only actor with the best accent in this film is Salma Hayek, who plays Pina, a person who is closely related to Patrizia’s intention to kill Maurizio. With a long duration, 2 hours 38 minutes, this film becomes boring. Perhaps, this is the most boring murder drama. Maurizio’s murder only occurs about 10 minutes before the film ends. After that, there was no story how the police uncovered the mastermind behind this murder. In fact, in the original story, Patrizia was able to escape for 2 years before being arrested by the police.

Patrizia’s trial only lasted no less than one minute. The rest, only written descriptions of what happened in the trial. How many years they were sentenced and so on. The thing is, this film is too centered on the problems at Gucci. From their near bankruptcy, the machinations between Maurizio, Aldo and Paolo, to the joining of Tom Ford in the company. The conflict between Patrizia and Maurizio was not thoroughly explored. Just a glimpse.

House of Gucci feels like a Gucci drama and family intrigue rather than a murder drama. If the original intention was to tell this drama, yes, this film has met expectations. However, the story is also not deep. Just shallow. If you really want to tell the story of Maurizio’s murder and Patrizia’s intrigue in this murder, then this film is far from being imagined. As mentioned above, Maurizio’s murder takes place only about 10 minutes before the end of the film. So in 2 hours 28 minutes, this film chronicles the drama within the Gucci family. The building to this murder is too shallow. Only a glimpse shows how angry Patrizia is with Maurizio. House of Gucciis a boring family drama that ends with a murder. The story is shallow and the cast seems to be more preoccupied with their articulations and accents than actually acting well. This film is not too flashy that shows off the glitter of the fashion world. Just a family drama.

Side note, many things in this film are not in accordance with the original condition. Like Rodolfo and also Maurizio’s son. The couple Maurizio and Patrizia actually have two children, not one like in this film. In addition, there are some others that are not in accordance with the original story.

House of Gucci can be seen in your favorite cinema. Please adhere to health protocols while this film is showing! Have a good time watching!

By Ichong