The Eternals’ appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) drew comparisons on how strong they were compared to the franchise’s first group of heroes, the Avengers. By far, the Avengers are the strongest group the MCU has ever seen. However, the presence of the Eternals challenges the title of Avengers as Earth’s Strongest Hero.

How Strong Are the Eternals Compared to the Avengers in the MCU?

The Eternals consist of a group of human branch races, each of which has cosmic-based superpowers. They were sent to earth by Arishem the Celestial Judge. Eternals sees these heroes face off against a series of Deviants while also trying to stop the birth of the Celestial Tiamut and the destruction of the earth.

While the ten members of the Eternals are new faces to the MCU, the Avengers are at the core of the franchise. The original Avengers team consisted of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye. They were first introduced to save New York from Loki’s attack in 2012.

In 2019, the Avengers dramatically reversed Thanos’ snap and saved the world. While there are many manifestations of the Avengers in the Marvel comics canon, the MCU Avengers are, until now, the most recognizable embodiment of this legendary superhero team. Currently, the Avengers have changed members in the MCU.

The achievement of these two superpowered teams raises the question of how strong the Eternals are when compared to the Avengers. To quote Screen Rant , even though the Eternals are barely immortal, their longevity and strength surpasses that of the Avengers, the lack of cohesion between the Eternals may well stand out against themselves in this battle between the two teams. Additionally, while the Eternals’ power levels outside of Sersi are inherently rigid and determined by Arishem, key members of the Avengers continue to evolve and increase their potential.

On paper, the Eternals are indeed superior to the Avengers, especially when it comes to their strength. Each member of the Eternals, each has more power and speed in addition to their unique strengths. This makes each Eternals capable in war situations.

The power of the Eternals also appears when they work together. Phastos’ Uni-Mind device was impressively capable of stopping the birth of a Celestial. What’s more, Eternals has the first Superman-style character in the MCU in Ikaris, who just doesn’t seem to be able to beat in Eternals.

But, despite showing off their awesome powers in their MCU debut, the Eternals will still fall short on the scale of the Avengers’ combined strength and power. While the Avengers have mortal members, such as Hawkeye and Black Widow, they also have the Gods of Thunder in Thor and Hulk, who have so far proved invincible. If the Eternals had fought the Avengers in 2012, they might have won.

But, in other situations, the combined power of Thor and Hulk would eventually overpower the Eternals. Add this to the fact that, right now, the Eternals are a more torn apart set of characters than the Avengers who saved the world from Thanos. It’s starting to show that the Avengers are actually a stronger team. On paper, the Eternals are indeed a stronger superhero team. But, canon until now it is impossible for them to beat the Avengers in the MCU.

By Ichong