We continue our previous compilation of film plot holes. When it comes to a good movie, we’re happy to throw away these illogicalities, but they really are there. Of course we’ll be spoilers, so click carefully!

The little mermaid
In spite of one of Disney’s best cartoons, the main storyline of the story is based on a huge illogicality: Ariel’s legs will remain, people can stay in love with her if in three days Prince Erik loves to kiss her, but the weed Ursula took her voice straight away . Ariel then stumbles, poor Sebastian fails to divert events so that that romantic kiss can snap. But. When we sign the contract with Ursulus, we can see that Ariel can write.

Then what the worse doesn’t write on a note that “Hey, Erik, fall in love with me beef fast and kiss me in three days, or I’ll be a little russet worm rolling around for the rest of my life!” ???

If machines use people merely as a source of energy, why isn’t it good for them to say cows? You wouldn’t have to mess with the virtual world then, at most a simple one in which cows graze peacefully, they would not be threatened by the prophecy of the Chosen One, the rest of humanity could have been destroyed long ago, and the machines could live their little lives at rest.

Star Wars
To hide the twins from Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader, Lei is taken to Alderaan – and Luke to Tatuin, his father’s home planet, to his relatives, where he also bears the name Skywalker! Obi-wan Kenobi wasn’t the grand master of the intrigue (though, Darth Vader didn’t even find it or really didn’t.)

In M. Night Shyamalan’s film, water is harmful to evil aliens. So what do curds do to an evil on a planet that is 75 percent water-covered and 60-80% (depending on the age) of the bodies of its inhabitants? Not to mention that they run around in a dew-covered corn at the beginning of the film. They come home for the slap.

Christmas movies
Santa Claus is real in many Christmas fairy tales, and Christmas Eve travels the world nicely to take gifts to the kids by climbing down the chimney. One thing is that in many places there is no longer a chimney ( perhaps that is why Santa Claus arrives exclusively in affluent American garden cities based on the movies.) But in these movies, it always means that adults no longer believe in Santa Claus. Well, if they don’t believe and Santa takes the presents, then they don’t take the kid alive anymore, as Santa brings. Then how is it? And what about adult gifts?

After Scotty is thrown out by his girlfriend, he gets an email from his German pen pal, Mieke, who wants to meet him, but the guy sends him hell drunk because he thinks he’s a boy all along. Later, his younger brother tells her not, Mieke is a German girl name, and by the time Scotty remembers apologizing, it turns out the girl has blocked her address. That’s when the idea is born: you have to travel to him to apologize. Node. Why didn’t you create a new email address and write an apology letter about it?

The village
At the end of the film, it turns out that the 18th-century community was actually living in a forest in Pennsylvania in the 2000s, cut off from the outside world. Which is simply an impossibility. If they were really somewhere in the woods behind God, isolation might be feasible, but not here: foresters, popcorn hunters (if hunting in the woods is allowed), hikers would have had to show up at some point. And what’s even more likely: usually planes would fly over the area – they just don’t redirect air traffic because of the villagers. Let’s not forget that such a community can’t go undiscovered in the woods just because, if they could live there at all, it would take a million paperwork to get the permits and things done.

War of the Worlds
In Steven Spielberg’s processing of HG Wells ’classic invasive sci-fi, tripods have long been dormant underground. But over time, cities were built above them, at least during the construction work, how did people not notice that there was something beneath them? Or were they very deep? But then how did they get to the surface so quickly? Also: we can see that the alien somehow drops underground with a ray coming from the sky. For lack of a better, we call it teleportation, although we see them. Where were they sent from? Were they traversed into space from another planet (Mars)?

By Rama