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The fall anime releases are at their end, and of course there are plenty of characters that could be husbando material . This time, JOI will discuss one of the phenomenal characters who debuted this fall, so who else if not Azusagawa Sakuta !

Azusagawa Sakuta is the main character of the anime Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai . Judging from the anime , I think the response from the audience is extraordinary. This is inseparable from how the plot presented can be accepted by almost all audience categories. The intervention of the characters also plays an important role. One of the characters is the MC himself, Azusagawa Sakuta.

Born on April 10 with a height of 172 cm and weight unknown, Sakuta’s existence was an important factor in the success of the anime . At each ending after the episode is over, it is certain that Sakuta’s name will be mentioned. Then is Sakuta a husbando that suits your taste? Let’s check the advantages.

+ 100% Caring
Told in the anime and manga, Sakuta always tries to help people in trouble. Starting from Mai who has puberty syndrome which allows her to eliminate her existence. Sakuta didn’t give up quickly, he still tried to help Mai even though he didn’t know Mai completely. This trait is the most striking that can be seen in Sakuta. He is willing to sacrifice his time and energy to help people as best he can. This is what makes Mai fall in love with Sakuta.

Sakuta is also a person who really cares about his family. He never hated his parents, even though they had long since abandoned Sakuta and his sister, Kaede . He patiently took care of Kaede who couldn’t interact with the outside world due to puberty syndrome. Sakuta also showed his care by taking care of the abandoned cat that Shoko found .

+ 100% Loyal
At the end of the Mai arc , Sakuta expressed his love by shouting his declaration of love for Mai from the field in a loud voice that the whole school could hear. Those words are not mere figments. Throughout the course of the story, Sakuta continues to be loyal to Mai even though there is another heroine who has a crush on him.

Sakuta was so well aware of his position as the girlfriend of Sakurajima Mai that he unanimously rejected Koga Tomoe , one of the girls he helped from puberty syndrome. In fact, he clearly rejects Makinohara Shoko , his first love who helps him when he is frustrated with the puberty syndrome that Kaede and him are experiencing. When else can you get a guy who stays loyal even though there are many temptations, isn’t it, sis .

+ 99% Honest
It’s hard to find an honest man these days. Most men are only sweet on the lips other in the heart ( *ea ). Not so with Sakuta.

Sakuta always unanimously and loudly stated what was in his heart. One funny thing that still rings in my head is when he doesn’t hesitate to express his sexual desires when dealing with heroines. But I don’t think it’s an immorality but a man’s honesty. Yes, of course every man wants to continue to staycoolclose with a woman who is taking a bath or wants to be sandwiched with Mai senpai ‘s smooth legs .

So honest, he even asked permission from Mai, his girlfriend every time he wanted to help people in trouble. Whether it’s asking for permission to just want to meet another woman or asking for permission to allow another heroine to stay at his apartment. Of course this is quite annoying but the honesty shown by Sakuta deserves to be appreciated. Sakuta was a trusted figure and also trusted his teammates a lot.

Then why is it written 99% honest instead of 100%? Yes, Sakuta was recorded as having lied. The lie was nothing but shown to his sister while trying to set foot outside the house. Sakuta lied that his sister who was blindfolded had not left the house when Sakuta carried her to the outside of her apartment. Even though Kaede was already outside. This is certainly not something to worry about if he becomes your husband because he still in principle wants to help for good.

+/- The bread is torn, but it’s really torn
It is a woman’s dream to have a partner who has a torn body of bread . Which wife is not happy if her father is strong and athletic.

Sakuta does have a proportional body. But the torn bread he has is not the torn bread you imagine. Sakuta had a scratch on his chest. It was due to puberty syndrome that he experienced so he had to be rushed to the hospital. The incident was covered up, but thanks to him being rushed to the hospital, Sakuta was labeled as a bad boy who was involved in a brawl. However, it is undeniable that Sakuta still has the ideal body as a husband that you can hug in the dakimakura every night.

After seeing 3 positive points and one neutral point, you can certainly see what the shortcomings in Sakuta are. Here are the minuses that our MC has.

– Mai’s property alone
It’s very clear this one. Sakuta already has a lover who is also a well-known artist, namely Sakurajima ‘Bunny Girl’ Mai – senpai. It’s hard enough to compete with him, especially when Sakuta is loyal to death for Mai. Mai is also very loyal to Sakuta which can be seen in his actions in the Shoko arc . If you want to know, please check the manga or wait for the movie to come out because this is a really big spoiler .

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