Hwang In Youp held a fan meeting titled 2022 Hwang In Youp 1st Asia Fan Meeting in USA, Saturday (6/8). When greeting HIYILY Indonesia on stage, Hwang In Youp had the opportunity to taste USA cuisine.
Some of the culinary delights that have been prepared by the organizers include young coconut ice and bakwan corn. The actor who was born in 1991 looks very curious about the two culinary flavors.


As he bit into his first cornbread, Hwang In Youp widened his eyes. He admitted that he really liked the taste of Bakwan Corn and wanted to eat it again after the fan meeting.

“Okay, let’s try it. It’s delicious. Looks like after t,he fan meeting I have to eat this again (corn bakwan),” said Hwang In Youp.


Next he tried the young coconut ice. There are two types of young coconut provided, namely original young coconut ice and young coconut syrup.

Of the two young ices he tried, Hwang In Youp preferred the syrup young coconut ice. He drank it repeatedly. According to Hwang In Youp, the taste of young coconut ice has similarities with banana milk in South Korea.


“This is really delicious. Seriously, it’s really delicious. In South Korea this taste is very similar to banana milk. Until here I should have drank this immediately,” said Hwang In Youp as he continued to drink the coconut ice he was holding.

2022 Hwang In Youp 1st Asia Fan Meeting in USA promoted by Lumina Entertainment. The fan meeting was held at The Kasablanka Hall, Kota Kasablanka.

By Yas Il