” Business Proposal ” is currently one of the most popular dramas. In addition to the fun storyline, the PPL scene (indirect promotion) of this drama also received positive reviews from viewers.

As is known, PPL is more often a problem when compared to drama content. In the case of ” Jirisan “, the drama’s production team was criticized for presenting too many PPLs that were not in line with the plot of the drama to make the audience uncomfortable.

Other hit dramas ” True Beauty ” and ” Vincenzo ” also received a lot of complaints from viewers for promoting Chinese products that are not even sold in Korea. Likewise with ” The King: The Lord of Eternity ” which cuts the storyline to show PPL.

Different from most dramas, the PPL scene in “Business Proposal” tends to receive positive reviews from viewers. The drama production team is said to have succeeded in combining PPL with the plot of the drama to the praise of “They must have read the situation.”

The “Business Proposal” embraces a method of melting the product into character and background so that some people don’t even notice it as a PPL. The production team shows the advertised product naturally every time, against the backdrop of a food company and a chicken restaurant.
In the scene where Kang Tae Moo ( Ahn Hyo Seop ) explains a product to an overseas client, he openly shows the product and even explains it in detail. This scene flows well along with the storyline.

Merging Well, PPL Scene Setting in ‘Business Proposal’ Is Highlighted Again

In addition, because there was a lot of anger due to the production team advertising Chinese products, “Business Proposal” preferred to highlight Korean food. Let’s focus on that.”

In another scene, the production team clearly places a food product in the workspace of Shin Ha Ri’s ( Kim Sejeong ) team. His presence there was not at all disturbing, because of its setting as a food company.

In addition, the apron used by Shin Ha Ri’s mother also clearly displays the product name. This PPL scene does not make viewers uncomfortable, because it is used by characters who are cooking in a chicken restaurant.

Overall, “Business Proposal” is a highly acclaimed work that succeeds between actor comedy shows and webtoon adaptations. Besides, the clever way of promotion also makes it more popular among the viewers



By Yas Il