Is Christian Nodal ready to collaborate with MOMOLAND and BLACKPINK? This the singer said

The Mexican regional singer surprised Kpop fans by announcing that he would be working with the Kpop groups MOMOLAND and BLACKPINK, however, he did not give any details about it.

A surprise collaboration that would combine Kpop and regional Mexican music

An unusual collaboration, and there are very few things that MOMOLAND and BLACKPINK have in common with the interpreter of Goodbye Love.

It was Nodal who, through an online broadcast, said that he is working with both groups.

“I’m going to do something with… what are they called… BLACKPINK and MOMOLAND too,” Belinda’s ex-boyfriend said.

The internet has made music break barriers, to the point that Kpop groups have gone beyond the language and have had the opportunity to collaborate with international stars such as BLACKPINK, who have made songs with Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, but there are also Latin artists who have made songs with Korean stars, such as Ricky Martin who sang the song Vente Pa’ Ca with Wendy from Red Velvet.

But Mexico has not been left behind, since there are several Mexicans who have collaborated with Kpop groups like Reik, who sang the song One More Time (Otra Vez) together with Super Junior, and the boyband CD9, who made the song Get Dump with the crayon pop girls

Now it seems that it is Christian Nodal’s turn to venture into the world of Kpop, a collaboration that is surprising, since previously Latin artists who had collaborated with Korean stars make pop, but now, we will have to wait for the result of Kpop in combination with music. Mexican region.

On the other hand, the girls from MOMOLAND already have experience singing with Latin artists, since their last song was with the singer Natti Natasha.

By Jaya