Besides Code, Boruto and his father, Naruto, also have to face another powerful enemy. She is Eida. A cyborg that Code recruited from Boro’s lair to help him in the war in Konoha after Isshiki Otsutsuki’s death.

Eida’s entry into Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is quite surprising. Previously, Eida was said to have been decommissioned. But, as it turned out, Boro kept him alive because he was stronger than Code and Isshiki.

This was because of his divine eye which allowed him to spy on anyone and anywhere. He can also see anything in history up to the time he was created. However, while much is kept in Eida’s past, it is probably because she is Amado’s daughter.

when Eida and Code first met in Boruto, he said that Amado created him. Eida also says she hates Amado. Ironically, when Amado spoke at the Kohona ninja council after defecting from Kara, he talked about his missing daughter.

However, the story stopped. The manga turned to Eida. As the series progresses, it’s not surprising, as seen with clear hints that Koji Kashin is a Jiraiya clone.

Eida was pensive as Amado revealed his loss. Eida then says, apart from his younger brother, Daemon, he doesn’t believe in family. Now, Eida might keep it a secret that she was actually made from the essence of princess Amado, with perhaps her brain programmed into her robotic body.

Amado has an obsession with immortality. That’s why he joined Isshiki. Besides, it was possible that her daughter was sick and she felt that Isshiki could save her. However, Amado, who later realized that Eida had been armed, agreed that she should be destroyed.

This betrayal could be the reason why Eida was so rude. He knew that once someone found him in Boro’s warehouse, he had a chance to take revenge. This makes sense since Isshiki’s technology allowed him to remain alive inside Jigen’s body for centuries, while preserving hosts like Kawaki and imperfect ships like Code.

According to CBR , what is also an indication that Eida is Amado’s daughter is Eida’s ability to control her mind and make people fall in love with her can’t work on Kawaki. This was due to the flaw that Isshiki entered. Eida can’t sync up with alien DNA. So, it’s like a barrier that Isshiki and Amado added to prevent Eida from harming her boss.

Isshiki was probably worried that Amado would use his offspring to stab him in the back and possibly reuse Kara—which, ironically, he did. The new chapter of Boruto might reveal the truth. However, the fact that Eida remained fixated on Amado and wanted Kawaki had said a lot.

Naturally, Eida wanted to feel love reciprocated. He also wants to get rid of the old shards from his messy life that might have something to do with his poor upbringing. With Kawaki also experiencing Isshiki’s bad upbringing, this makes sense. Eida once indicated that he had an ace that could convince Kawaki that they were soulmates.

By Ichong