We’ve been seeing a lot of memes lately about Hawkeye because he wasn’t seen in Avengers: Infinity War posters. Since the beginning of its appearance, many people have said that Hawkeye does not have the power to match Tony Stark, Captain America and the Hulk. Worse yet, not a few people say that Clint is useless, and does not need to be a member of the Avengers.

Even though if we pay attention, Clint Barton or Hawkeye is a SHIELD agent who is quite strong, you know. He has a very precise accuracy ability, and has almost never missed in his entire life. His body is also very athletic, and includes a respected martial arts expert in the MARVEL world.

And in Avengers: Infinity War later, there are rumors that Hawkeye will change his name and have a new appearance as Ronin. Wow, what do you think it looks like?

Ronin Identity

Known as the samurai without a master, Ronin has the ability and agility of a ninja and is able to move silently in the dark. A Ronin is also known as an expert in gathering intelligence, sabotaging enemy bases and can use various types of weapons skillfully.

Ronin is not actually a character, but a title or identity that is used by someone. In the history of the comics, the person who holds the title of Ronin is a woman named Maya Lopez, who appeared in Avengers #11 in November 2005.

Maya Lopez is a deaf woman who has another alias named Echo. His ability is quite unique, namely being able to perfectly duplicate every enemy movement with just one look. With this ability, Maya Lopez can find out where her opponent’s weakness is in an instant. No wonder he was invited by Daredevil to join the New Avengers and unite to defend the earth from foreign threats.

After Maya Lopez, the second person to use the Ronin identity is Clint Barton or what we know as Hawkeye. This identity was taken by Clint after the death of Captain America in the Civil War series. Previously, Tony Stark asked Clint personally to replace the title of Captain America. The reason is, Tony believes that Clint does have the right skills and abilities to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America.

But even so, Clint felt that no one could be Captain America other than Steve Rogers. Hearing the answer from Clint, Tony then gave Captain America’s shield to Bucky Barnes, an ex-Winter Soldier who is a good friend of Steve Rogers. By wearing the shield, Bucky automatically has officially become Captain America’s replacement.

After Clint heard that Bucky Barnes became Captain America, Clint felt angry and disagreed with Tony and Bucky’s decision. He feels Steve Rogers has been betrayed by his own friends, who then assume the identity of the Ronin and offer a ‘introduction’ to the new Captain America.

Clint aka Ronin in Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rumors of Hawkeye turning into a Ronin in Avengers: Infinity War first surfaced on Twitter. From an account from China, Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye is seen wearing the same shoes and appearance as Ronin. The uploaded photo immediately went viral, and gave rise to many new theories and assumptions about the plot of Avengers: Infinity War.

If Hawkeye is indeed going to turn into a Ronin in Avengers: Infinity War, we still can’t predict the role played by Clint. The reason is, the story taken by directors Anthony & Joe Russo will not follow the template or story line from the comics.

Oh yes, there is one source who says that in Avengers: Infinity War Clint Barton will experience a very ‘dark’ event that changes his nature and abilities. Hmm, does this have anything to do with Hawkeye turning into a Ronin?

Well, I personally think that Hawkeye should be given additional power so that he can get a spotlight in Avengers: Infinity War later. Spiderman, who just joined the Avengers, just got a spider suit from Tony Stark, why is Hawkeye still shooting sharp sticks at aliens even though he’s an old member?

By Kania