It is known that Jimin and V BTS friendship has been going on since they were in high school.

Reporting from the K-Hits YouTube channel, Jimin and Taehyung always say that their friendship is a destiny.

It can be seen from the many moments that show how much Jimin loves his best friend.

One of them was when BTS was at a concert and Taehyung had just lost his beloved grandmother who had passed away, the whole concert at that time made Taehyung so sad and uninspired.

But Jimin always tried to calm Tae backstage and gave him a warm hug.

Another moment was when filming the Bon Voyage season 4 program, the members were seen enjoying their meal at a restaurant.

It happened after a plane trip, and Tae looked unwell as he laid his head on the table.

Jimin BTS who was eating beside Tae looked worried because he saw that his best friend had not eaten at all.

Jimin BTS then took a drink of water when Tae said that his stomach was sick.

When Tae was comfortable enough, he saw Jimin eating and asked what he was eating.

Tae then stood up to get food, but Jimin swiftly preceded him to get Tae food.

Another moment was when Bon Voyage season 3 Tae was seen crying on the beach for some reason.

Jimin then went to Tae and hugged him, even he accompanied Tae all night until his condition improved.

Compared to other members, Jimin is the person who cares the most about his colleagues, but he treats Tae differently

Succeeded in Getting Handsome Idol Predicate, These 2 BTS and ASTRO Members Are Called Having the Face of a Plastic Surgery Dream

South Korea is famous for its high-quality skincare products, it’s not surprising that this ginseng product is in great demand by many people.

Not only is the standard of the products outstanding, but people’s interest in plastic surgery in South Korea is also high.

Not only women, it turns out that men also show their existence in the world of beauty.

However, who would have thought that according to surgeons in South Korea, there are several handsome actors who are most in demand as a reference for plastic surgery.

Due to their near perfect face shape, here are the three actors with the highest facial reference interest.

1. Cha Eun Woo from Astroo

The actor who plays Su Ho in the Webtoon True Beauty drama series is in great demand because he is handsome, Cha Eun Woo has earned the nickname ‘Face Genius’.

This is because he has perfect symmetry and facial features, his name even got famous on Tik Tok recently.

As a result, there was a plastic surgeon who analyzed Cha Eun Woo ‘s face , and stated that the positions of the parts of his face were all symmetrical and proportional.

2. Jin BTS

This member of the boy band BTS , for 4 years in a row, managed to hold the title of the most perfect man in the world.

How not, for 4 years in a row from several survey institutions and even scientific studies.

Jin BTS ‘s face always excels as the most perfect man, even Jin BTS ‘s face is the model of the most plastic surgery choices in South Korea.

In 2018, Jin BTS ‘s face was chosen as the face with the ‘Golden Ratio’ and Jin has a face ratio of 1:1,618.

In 2019, Jin BTS was ranked number one #1 as ‘Sculpted Face’ not only that, Jin BTS was named the World’s Most Perfect Male Face on June 19, 2020.

In 2021, Jin BTS won three categories at once, namely “Top male God Beauty of the World” according to scientific research, Best Looking Man in the World, and Jin was dubbed the Visual of The Year.

3. Taehyung or V BTS

This man does have almost perfect facial proportions, he is even dubbed the “best beauty of sleeping” because he shows an expression that remains handsome even though he is asleep.

Not only handsome, V BTS ‘s cute face also makes him often used as a picture of a man’s dream in South Korea before having surgery.

By Jaya