It has been eighteen years since the trilogy The Matrix ends where the duo Wachowski brothers have managed to make a movie unique blend of action and science fiction that is timeless. Therefore, in 2021, Lana Wachowski and her crew have finally succeeded in releasing their newest film which has started circulating in cinemas all over the world including Indonesia in the last week of December.

With a duration of almost two and a half hours, Lana Wachowski, who in addition to being a director, also wrote the screenplay with David Mitchell and Alexandar Hemon, seems to really hope that this new film will be a huge success like the original film trilogy. However, this hope has not yet been fully realized. Not because this film has a strong competitor in the Spider-Man No Way Home film which was released at almost the same time, but because the script of the film’s story is not optimal.

Luckily, this film is actually still quite interesting for me to watch because of the return of the main star, Keanu Reeves, who continues to play Neo alias Thomas Anderson. Even though in terms of facial appearance, it reminds us of John Wick, Keanu Reeves still gives a magic touch through his appearance, which, even though he seems gloomy, still has a big question mark.

Still having Carrie-Anne Moss as Trinity is also a relief. Unfortunately, Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving no longer appear even though the roles of Morpheus and Agent Smith have been closely attached to them, so that both Yahya Abdul Mateen and Jonathan Groff who replace the two tend to be less successful.

In this film, Thomas Anderson is a very successful video game maker, but the presence of Bugs, a beautiful blue-haired hacker who has a white rabbit mark on his left arm makes Thomas feel deja vu again.

Bugs invites Thomas to return to adventure in the matrix world while recommending Thomas to take the red pill. Now Thomas is back as Neo and remembers his adventures in the past and of course his love story with Trinity. This longing for Trinity is what motivates Neo to help Bugs again save the world, of course with all the consequences.

Indeed, Lana Wachowski has not lost her touch in bringing to life action scenes studded with magnificent visual effects that are the mainstay as well as the hallmark of the original film trilogy.

Neo’s magic is getting worse in this film along with the visual effects that are also getting stronger and classier, although I still feel that the first film is still far superior in innovation until it wins an Oscar too.

The presence of various new stars besides Mateen and Groff, namely Jessica Henwick, has indeed brought freshness to this film. Henwick played the role of Bugs in a straightforward and firm manner, feeling similar to Trinity. In addition, the appearance of Neil Patrick Harris as an annoying new character named The Analyst brings enough positive aspects to this film.

There is also Jada Pinkett Smith who returns as Niobe and this is funny, the emergence of Lambert Wilson who again appears as the Merovingian billionaire who is now a homeless person who likes to curse his bad luck.

It’s true that the film The Matrix Resurrections has not been able to match the superior first film, but at least the nuances of The Matrix- style entertainment are still its identity.

By Yas Il