GOT7’S BamBam Has Shown His Popularity By Releasing The Solo Song ‘Who Are You’ In Collaboration With Red Velvet’s Seulgi. This Idol Family Also Appreciated Him By Watching Videos Together.

The release of GOT7 ‘s BamBam solo song entitled “Who Are You? Because it has made its mark on success, BamBam is sharing moments of togetherness with his extended family to watch the reaction video “Who Are You”

BamBam introduced one by one his family members who seemed to have gathered and watched the solo music video for his song. In the video, the BamBam family looks serious and amazed because this idol’s appearance is truly stunning. After spending more than 3 minutes of the video, BamBam’s family clapped and praised him.

“I guarantee it will be a big hit. I like it,” said the mother praising BamBam. His mother also gave honest comments about BamBam’s appearance in the music video. “The visuals are stunning, and the lighting and clothes are beautiful too, the clothes match,” continued BamBam’s mother.

“And my favorite scene is where they look away, right? The scene with dancing in the mirror, right? So is it water or a real mirror,” said her mother then imitated.

Then BamBam’s little sister revealed that she likes the magic part of the scene. Overall, BamBam family members expressed that they are very proud of the hard work of this Thai idol.

Meanwhile, BamBam will soon release a new mini album titled “B”. Different from the concept of “Who Are You?” which has a dark and doubtful feel, in this mini album BamBam shows the brightness with light-colored clothes that make him shine.

In the recently released teaser photo, BamBam is wearing a furry outfit and showing his gentle charisma. BamBam’s second mini album “B” will be released on January 18 KST.

Bambam GOT7 Showcases Luxury Watches From Diamonds Worth IDR 6 Billion

The BamBam Watch Has A White Gold Base With 1,675 8.68 Carat Diamonds That Adorn The Entire Face Of The Watch, Including The Bracelet. The Basic Model Without Diamonds Is Valued At Around 60 Million Won.

GOT7 ‘s BamBam appeared as the host for “STAGE W” which was broadcast on KBS WORLD. On this occasion, the 1997-born singer showed a luxurious wrist watch wrapped around his wrist.

During the broadcast, BamBam wore an all-black suit to create a stylish atmosphere and captivate fans’ hearts.

According to the Instagram account @kstar_watch which provides information on K-POP star watches, the Bam Bam watch is a Patek Phillipe luxury watch model Nautilus 5719/1G-001. The brand is known as a maker of luxury watches at very expensive prices.

The BamBam watch has a white gold base with 1,675 8.68 carat diamonds that adorn the entire face of the watch, including the bracelet. The basic model without diamonds is priced at around 60 million won (approximately Rp. 723 million).

By Fuzy