Recently, ITZY Members Were Reported To Have Been Exposed To The COVID-19 Virus Again, So They Had To Cancel Several Group Activity Schedules To Focus On Recovering Their Health.

Previously, fans were worried about the health condition of ITZY members who were gradually confirmed positive for COVID-19. Recently, Shin Ryujin was reported to be another ITZY member who was exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

On Sunday (27/2), JYP Entertainment stated that Ryujin had received a positive result on a self-test kit for COVID-19. Ryujin then immediately went to the hospital for a PCR test to confirm the results.

As a result, ITZY’s planned live broadcast that day was postponed. Ryujin’s agency has released another statement confirming that this one idol also tested positive on the PCR test.

“Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. He received a positive result on the self-test in the morning and immediately went to get a PCR test. In the afternoon, the PCR test also came back positive,” said the statement. the agency.

“Ryujin has completed three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and currently has no symptoms other than a mild cough. He is currently being treated at home according to the direction of the disease control authority,” concluded the agency providing a statement regarding the idol’s current condition.

“We will do our best for his treatment and recovery with the artist’s health as our top priority. Thank you,” concluded his agency statement.

As is known, Lia and Yeji were first confirmed to have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus on February 12. Then, on February 16, Chaeryeong also tested positive for COVID.

Even though it was worrying, the ITZY members who were exposed first have been declared cured and are carrying out activities as usual. However, with the news that Ryujin was exposed to the COVID-19 virus, finally a number of group activities had to stop.

Meanwhile, as previously reported, the schedule for the ITZY “February Official Fanclub Live” live streaming that was supposed to be held was decided to be postponed. Fans provide support for Ryujin who is currently focusing on her health condition.

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By Fuzy