Earlier On Friday, March 4, A Large Forest Fire Started On Korea’s East Coast On A Mountain Near The Seaside City Of Uljin In North Gyeongsang Province.

Two noble-hearted actresses IU and Kim Go Eun have recently distributed aid to help victims of the ongoing forest fires in Uljin. On Friday, March 4, a large forest fire started on Korea’s east coast on a mountain near the seaside city of Uljin in North Gyeongsang Province. It spread to the nearby city of Samcheok in Gangwon Province and has destroyed more than a hundred homes and evacuated thousands of people.

On March 5, the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief stated that IU had donated 100 million won or about Rp. 1.1 billion to support temporary housing for fire victims. The star of the “Hotel Del Luna” series also made a donation after learning about forest fires and carefully thinking about what assistance the victims needed the most.

The donation will be used to build temporary housing for families who have lost their homes to fires and have nowhere else to go. The Secretary General of the Hope Bridge Association of the National Disaster Relief went to Uljin as soon as the fire broke out.

“In a situation where many victims are suffering after losing their homes to a sudden forest fire, Meanwhile, IU regularly donates to meaningful causes and has made large donations to disaster relief, such as floods or COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Kim Go Eun also donated to the Hope Bridge Association, giving 50 million won for the use of the victims and for recovery efforts in the region. “I’m very worried about people who have lost their homes due to forest fires. Hopefully the fire will be extinguished quickly and not spread.

Meanwhile, previously Kim Go Eun had donated to the Gangwon Province mountain fire in 2019 and to low-income families struggling due to COVID-19 in 2020. The star of the series “Yumi’s Cells” also donated to the children’s hospital at the University Hospital. Seoul National for Children’s Day in 2021.

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