BTS is currently preparing to perform at the Grammy Awards and hold a concert in Las Vegas for 4 days. However, BigHit Music announced that J-Hope tested positive for COVID-19.
The news was revealed by management through a statement released via weverse. J-Hope tested positive for COVID-19 on March 23 after experiencing symptoms of a sore throat.

“J-Hope showed symptoms of a sore throat and went to the hospital to undergo a PCR test on Wednesday (23/3). He tested positive for COVID-19 this morning,” said BigHitMusic.

“J-Hope has received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccination and is currently showing no other symptoms other than a sore throat. J-Hope is undergoing treatment at home while undergoing self-quarantine,” he continued.

BigHit Music also confirmed that J-Hope will follow a number of scheduled activities in April 2022 after being declared recovered. For now, he will focus on recovery.

“J-Hope plans to follow a number of schedule activities next month after his quarantine process is considered complete,” explained BigHit Music.

“The management prioritizes the health of our artists. In the future, we will do our best to help J-Hope’s recovery. We will also continue to follow the health protocols that have been determined by the medical and government parties,” he concluded.

BTS is confirmed to be performing at the 64th Grammy Awards which will be held on April 3, 2022 local time. They were also nominated in the Best Pop Duo or Group Performance category for the second time.

In addition to performing at the 64th Grammy Awards, BTS will also continue their Permission to Dance on Stage tour in Las Vegas. Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas will be held at Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas for 4 days on April 8 and 9, 2022 before continuing on April 15 and 16, 2022.

Permission to Dance On Stage – Las Vegas will also be watched live on the big screen at the MGM Grand Garden Arena as part of Live Play. In addition, the concert on April 16, 2022 will be broadcast online for ARMYs all over the world to watch.

By Yas Il