In Addition To His Background, Jang Won Young’s Nationality Also Made Many Netizens Curious. There Are Rumors That He Is Of Mixed Race With A Taiwanese Father And Korean Mother.

The family background of K-pop idols always provokes the curiosity of netizens.

Jang Won Young’s family is reportedly not only rich but also powerful in politics. Rumor has it that the 17-year-old idol was born into a chaebol family . According to some sources, his grandfather, named Jang Young Seung, is Chinese. He was Secretary General of the Overseas Chinese Association in Korea.

Apart from his political activities, he also runs a Chinese restaurant in the busy Yeonhui-dong neighborhood of Seoul. With his influence, he publicly voiced support and voted for congressman Park Young Sun in the Seoul mayoral election. In addition, Jang Won Young’s father, named Jang Wal Seung, also operates a Chinese restaurant.

Jang Won Young IVE's Background Highlighted, from a Rich Family and Chinese Descent?

Netizens used to be surprised to learn that Jang Won Young had a close relationship with Lee Joo Young, the grandson of the chairman of the leading Korean conglomerate Daelim group. Fans believe that if she is close to a chaebol granddaughter , her family background is definitely no joke.

Jang Won Young once shared that he went to an English-language kindergarten. He also attended many classes, both academic and artistic, when he was only 6 years old. Netizens were also surprised to learn that Won Young had never been on a bus or subway before. He also often wears expensive clothing items from luxury brands. Based on this “hint”, he is thought to have been born with a silver spoon.

Apart from his background, Jang Won Young’s nationality also made many netizens curious. There are rumors that he is of mixed race with a Taiwanese father and Korean mother. On the official ” Produce 48 ” website where participant profiles were posted, Jang Won Young’s name was originally Chang Yuan Ying, but quickly changed after that. Despite receiving many questions from the public about Won Young’s actual nationality, Mnet and Starship Entertainment have remained tight-lipped about this until now.

There are many rumors circulating around Won Young’s background. However, until now there is still no definite answer. This beautiful idol always keeps her background secret and doesn’t speak to deny or correct any rumors.

Jang Won Young is currently one of the most popular female idols of the 4th generation. He is the choice of many famous brands such as Miu Miu, Chaumet, Innisfree. She has also graced the covers of several well-known fashion and lifestyle magazines.

By Fuzy