There Have Been Many Rumors About BLACKPINK’s Comeback This Year, But There Is Still No Official Announcement. But Finally, On February 28, Jennie Herself Revealed Via Voice Message On Weverse.

Jennie BLACKPINK ( Black Pink ) the Spoiler Fairy gave a hint about her group’s comeback schedule that made fans curious. After hearing this from the 1996-born singer, BLACKPINK fans couldn’t be happier.

BLACKPINK’s last comeback was in 2020 with the release of “Lovesick Girls”. Even though in 2021 there will be two solo debuts of Rose and Lisa , fans are still looking forward to BLACKPINK’s promotions with the four members.

There have been many rumors about BLACKPINK’s comeback this year, but there is still no official announcement from YG Entertainment, which makes fans impatient. But finally, on February 28, Jennie herself revealed via voice message on Weverse.

“I’m preparing for our comeback that will happen soon,” said Jennie. Getting confirmation from Jennie, BLINKs are very happy and are already preparing for their comeback successfully. Since Jennie is a reliable Spoiler Fairy, unlike YG, fans can definitely count on Jennie that BLACKPINK’s comeback is coming soon.

In the reality show “24/365 with BLACKPINK”, the four idols revealed a little about the group’s new song. Fans recognized Jennie’s mouth as if she said the words “How You Like That” which matched the title of the song the group released later.

The debut performance of Rosé’s solo song at the BLACKPINK concert was also spoiled by Jennie with a picture of a rose, and the name Anna, a cartoon character that Rosé uses for cosplay. This seems to indicate that Jennie is accurate in providing leaks.

But on the other hand, some BLINKs don’t believe this hint. Jennie once promised to make a vlog soon, but then let fans wait for 7 months to have it. Fans are wondering when BLACKPINK will be making their next comeback.

Meanwhile, Shinhan Investment Researcher Ji In Hae predicts that BLACKPINK will make a comeback this summer, slightly different from Jennie who said “soon”. The group will definitely increase their agency’s stock price if they actually release a new work.

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