The Song ‘Friends’ Sung By Jimin And V BTS Was Previously Rumored To Be Chosen As The Soundtrack For Marvel’s ‘Ethernals’ Movie. Recently, The Walt Disney Company Korea Has Confirmed This Rumor.

Being one of the soundtracks of a film or drama that has a lot of popularity will certainly have an impact as well. It’s the same with the involvement of two BTS members ( Bangtan Boys ), namely Jimin BTS and V , where their song was chosen to be the soundtrack for the Marvel movie.

It was previously revealed on October 18 that American media outlet The Direct reported that BTS’s song “Friends” by Jimin and V will be included in Marvel’s original ” Eternals ” soundtrack . Not long waiting for confirmation on this, The Walt Disney Company Korea confirmed that “Friends” from BTS’s fourth studio album “Map of the Soul: 7” will be included in the film.

“Friends” which was released in February 2020 as a B-side song on “Map of the Soul: 7” has received a lot of responses from fans. This song contains a peer-to-peer story for which Jimin personally wrote, composed and produced. With a sincere message about friendship, the song “Friends” will be included in certain scenes in “Eternals”.

In addition to BTS, the soundtrack’s original lineup including world famous artists such as Carl Perkins , Skeeter Davis , Merle Haggard , Pink Floyd , Lizzo and many more will also fill this soundtrack. The song “Friends” will be the second time a Korean musician has appeared in a Marvel film after Psy ‘s “Hangover” in the film ” Black Panther ” in 2018.

In addition, “Eternals” is based on the comic book series created in 1976 by Jack Kirby. This film tells the story of the life of a race of superhumans called “Eternals” who were born millions of years ago as a result of genetic experiments on earth by the Celestials.

Meanwhile, the film is directed by Chloe Zhao of ” Nomadland ” and stars famous Hollywood actors including Angelina Jolie , Salma Hayek , Richard Madden , Kumail Nanjiani and Gemma Chan . “Eternals” itself will premiere on November 5.

It’s Hilarious, BTS’s V And Jimin’s Songs Are Reported To Be In The Line-Up For The Latest Marvel Movie Soundtrack

The Song ‘Friends’ Sung By Jimin And V BTS Will Reportedly Be One Of The Soundtracks For Marvel’s Latest Film, ‘The Eternals’. This News Immediately Made ARMY Excited To Become Trending In Various Countries.

The popularity of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) to all corners of the world certainly doesn’t need to be doubted. Recently, two BTS members succeeded in making fans excited. They are V and Jimin BTS .

Rumors circulated that V and Jimin’s song “Friends” would be included as one of the official soundtracks for Marvel’s latest film, ” The Eternals “. This news was first spread by the Twitter account @BRMarvelNews , which uploaded the tracklist for the soundtrack “The Eternals”, Saturday (17/10).

In the tracklist there are several songs that are believed to be the soundtrack for the film The Eternals, one of which is a song titled “Friends” by BTS. Of course, the news immediately became the talk of the ARMY.

Fans got excited and took it to Twitter with the hashtag “PRODUCER JIMIN“, and “VMIN” started to take over the trend in some countries. In fact, the topic of rumors of BTS’ Jimin and V’s songs being included in the line-up for the movie “The Eternals” is trending in the United States.

Investigate, the information comes from a document released by Disney, but they are not sure if they can reveal the document. The source is the same as the source of the previous Marvel movies, where all songs included are then 100% confirmed.

Even so, until now there has been no official statement from related parties regarding the truth about the song “Friends” belonging to Jimin and V BTS which is included in the soundtrack list for the movie “The Eternals”. However, many fans are hopeful that this news is true.

In other news, BTS will greet fans through the online concert “Permission to Dance On Stage” on October 24.

BTS also greeted fans through ” In the Soop ” season 2. The first episode of this nature-themed staycation event aired last Friday (15/10) on JTBC and Weverse.

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BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) recently showed how they warmed up vocals. This opportunity is used Jimin BTS to down memory lane together V .

With seven completely different notes, ARMYs are treated to a variety of voices that blend perfectly into each song. However, like everyone else, BTS has to warm up their voices to make sure they’re in top shape.

BTS released some footage from their appearance on MTV Unplugged. From the start, the members flexed their live vocals, showing how diverse their voices can be with songs like “Telepathy,” “Dynamite,” and “Fix You.”

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