The Jujutsu Kaisen series by Gege Akutami is a shnen genre series that presents a variety of unique abilities and techniques, which we can see from the characters. The story of the series itself focuses on the battle between Jujutsu magicians and cursed spirits as well as other villains, who are trying to destroy the earth by harnessing the Cursed Energy.

Talking about the power or Curse Technique in the series, there are several techniques that are quite popular among fans. An example is Goto Satoru’s Infinite Void, the most powerful Jujutsu wizard in the world. Or the Domain Expansion belonging to Sukuna the king of the curse, the Malevolent Shrine. However, as mentioned above, the series features many epic and extraordinary Cursed Techniques, including Toge Inumaki’s Cursed Speech technique.

This technique is the mainstay of the character’s strength, who throughout the series rarely speaks except when fighting. And there was a reason why he did that later, or there was a reason why Inumaki rarely spoke. Then, how then does it work or what is the explanation of Toger Inumaki’s Cursed Speech?

Explanation of Cursed Speech Techniques
Although the appearance of various powerful techniques and interesting characters throughout the series so far has won the hearts of fans, Inumaki’s technique is no less interesting. Togae Inumaki is a second year student from the Tokyo Jujutsu Vocational School. Although in appearance Inumaki may seem like a quiet person, but in fact, he is a dangerous figure.

This was because of the Cursed Speech Cursed Technique he possessed. As the name implies, Cursed Speech is a very powerful Curse Technique which is inherited from the Inumaki family. The user will be able to emit or channel the cursed energy through their speech, and this will then manipulate the willpower within the target.

This was because of the Cursed Speech Cursed Technique he possessed. As the name implies, Cursed Speech is a very powerful Curse Technique which is inherited from the Inumaki family. The user will be able to emit or channel the cursed energy through their speech, and this will then manipulate the willpower within the target.

In fact, what is also epic is that this Curse Technique can be used by users through various mediums such as telephones. In the moment of Kyoto Good Will, where two Jujutsu Vocational Schools – namely Tokyo and Kyoto – compete against each other, Inumaki uses the Curse Technique on Miwa’s figure over the phone. That is, no matter how far apart Inumaki and his target are, as long as there is a medium he can use to reach his target then he will be able to affect the target.

Negative Effects of Cursed Speech in Jujutsu Kaisen
Does Toge Inumaki’s Curse Technique have a negative effect on the user? The answer is yes. This Curse Technique may seem less lethal, especially to the user. However, in fact, quite the opposite. Every epic attack that Inumaki does with this technique will also affect his body or figure.

Thus, when Inumaki faced a strong opponent and he needed to use this technique to its fullest, it meant that there would be strong side effects that he would also experience. In fact, it is not impossible that Inumaki risks destroying his own body when he uses his powers too often and too strong. In essence, the more powerful and epic the attack Inumaki does, the greater the negative effect he will feel.

This is what later became the reason why Inumaki always carried some kind of cough syrup, because the technique affected his throat. The drug is used to cure the pain. The worst effect that Inumaki will possibly feel is that he will lose his voice, because it is too strong to use that power.

We can see the limits of the power of Cursed Speech in several moments in the series. For example, when Inumaki started coughing and bleeding. That is, he had already begun to reach the limit of his strength. And when he had reached his limit, Inumaki could not help but reduce the use of his technique.

The Words Inumaki Speaks in Jujutsu Kaisen
With his Curse Technique, Inumaki can injure those around him. This is what later became the reason why he rarely spoke. In addition, this is also the reason why he often speaks which sounds like gibberish. Inumaki often says things that may not be clear when talking to other people.

For example, when Inumaki was talking to Itadori and the others. Usually, his response is only one word, and that is often the names of foods, especially types of fish. However, it turns out that these words do not mean they have no meaning. Then, what is the meaning of the various words that Inumaki has spoken?

Shake and Shake Sushi (鮭鮨 ): The word ” Shake ” can be interpreted as “Salmon” or Salmon. This word he often uses when agreeing about something.
Okaka (おかか): The word “ Okaka ” means shavings of skipjack tuna. or “Bonito flakes.” In contrast to the word “Shake”, Inumaki uses the word “Okaka” when he disagrees or shows his disapproval of something.
Takana (高菜 ): “Takana” in Japanese means pickled mustard leaf. Inumaki uses this word to show his concern or anxiety.
Sujiko (筋子 ) and Ikura/Igura (イクラ): Both of these words in Japanese can be interpreted as salon fish eggs. However, Inumaki uses the two words in two different situations. The words Sujiko Inumaki used to get people’s attention. Meanwhile, the word Ikura/Igura is a form of swearing from Inumaki. Besides Igura, Inumaki actually also uses the word “mentaiko” as a form of swearing.
Konbu/Kombu (昆布 ): Kombu is a type of seaweed. Inumaki usually use this word to greet or as a form of greeting.
Tuna Tuna (ツナツナ) and Tuna Mayo (ツナマヨ): Both words refer to the word tuna fish. And just like Sujiko and Igura, these two words also have different meanings for Inumaki. He will use Tuna Tuna to ask others to look in the direction he is pointing. Meanwhile, Inumaki uses the word Tuna Mayo to force someone to speak.

Not Just Toge Inumaki
One thing that’s interesting about this Curse Technique is the fact that it’s not only the Inumaki clan that can use it. The figure of one of the strongest Jujutsu wizards, Yuta Okkotsu, is apparently able to use this technique as we can see in the stories in the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 series. Given who Yuta really is, maybe it’s not surprising that he can “imitate” or use the technique.

Why then is Yuta Okkotsu able to perform this technique belonging to the Inumaki clan? It is very likely that this has something to do with Yuta’s source of power, namely Rika. Rika is the Curse Queen who becomes an ally for Yuta. Even though Rika is a cursed spirit, she often protects and also helps Yuta by giving him Curse Energy.

With Rika, Yuta is able to practice various powerful Curse Techniques, including imitating the Cursed Speech technique. However, this will not happen if Yuta is not connected or connected to Rika. Yuta can only use the power of Rika for five minutes, and after all that is done then he will also return to normal. However, whether it was because Yuta possessed a large amount of Cursed Energy or he was more proficient in the use of the technique, what was interesting was that Yuta did not experience any negative effects after using the technique.

Toge Inumaki’s Cursed Speech Technique is a very powerful technique, but has a large negative effect. Even so, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for Toge Inumaki to be able to increase that power. It’s not impossible that Inumaki will be able to create Domain Expansion by increasing the level of Cursed Speech’s power.

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