Chiiper is a boy band from South Korea who is stealing attention. Raised by legendary actor and musician, RAIN, they have just made a comeback with the release of their third mini album.
detikcom was also given the opportunity to chat with Chiiper about his comeback. This opportunity was also used to get closer to Tan Cs.

Talking about his comeback this time, Chiiper wants to introduce a new world to fans. They also hope to show their progress compared to when they debuted.

“Our third mini album is titled The Code. Through this album, we want to show the new world that Chiiper has built,” said the members.

“We also want to show our growth, our evolving capabilities, and our visuals,” he explained.

In addition, all the Chipper members contributed to the making of the album. Each member apparently has a song that they think is the most challenging to make.

The Chiiper members also talked about the pressure they feel because they are known as RAIN ‘s group . Even so, they feel very grateful because RAIN often provides direction for them.

“Like being called ‘son of a Rain legend’, we feel a burden when it comes to our performances. But we train hard,” continued Chiiper.

“RAIN-hyung also often helps us and gives a lot of cool tips. So we will show Chiiper which is even more developed,” he added.

So, what will the K-Talk team’s chat with Chiiper look like next? Come on, watch it together!



By Yas Il