Drama Insider (2022) is the latest JTBC drama which will air in June 2022. This drama will star actor Kang Ha Neul paired with artist Lee Yoo Young.

Lee Yoo Young is a South Korean artist who made his acting debut in 2012. A career for 10 years, Lee Yoo Young has starred in dozens of Korean drama titles. Not infrequently, he is also paired with several popular South Korean actors.

The latest Kang Ha Neul, here is a row of Korean actors who are opposite Lee Yoo Young.

1. Acting as a criminal psychologist, Lee Yoo Young has a shocking relationship with Choi Jin Hyuk in the drama ‘Tunnel’ (2017)

2. Still in the drama ‘Tunnel’ (2017), Lee Yoo Young also competes acting with actor Yoon Hyun Min. Thin romantic but make baper

3. In the drama ‘You Drive Me Crazy’ (2018), Lee Yoo Young’s friendship turned into love with actor Kim Seon Ho, here

4. In the drama ‘Your Honor’ (2019), because of often helping him, Yoon Shi Yoon finally fell in love with Lee Yoo Young

5. Initially dating, Lee Yoo Young and Park Byung Eun’s relationship was strained because of Yoon Shi Yoon in the drama ‘Your Honor’ (2019)

6. Not knowing his real identity, Lee Yoo Young who is a police officer is married to Choi Siwon, a con artist in the drama ‘My Fellow Citizens!’ (2019)

7. Actor Lee Min Ki once competed with Lee Yoo Young in the drama ‘The Lies Within’ (2019)

8. Lee Yoo Young jadi istri Lee Sun Kyun di drama ‘Dr. Brain ‘(2021). Bergenre science fiction dan thiller!

9. Recently, Lee Yoo Young will be paired with actor Kang Ha Neul in the drama Insider’ (2022). Airing in June 2022, here

From Choi Jin Hyuk to Kang Ha Neul, the nine actors above are opposite Lee Yoo Young in Korean dramas. Lee Yoo Young will make a comeback in his latest drama entitled Insider (2022). Don’t miss it, okay?

By Jaya