Karim Benzema , a striker for the French national team and El Real star, is currently becoming a deadly striker in both La Liga and in the UEFA Champions League, with his goalscoring for Real Madrid this season has reached 12 goals in the UCL, then in La Liga, Benzema is the temporary top scorer with 24 goals. and his 11 assists this season.

Karim Benzema brilliant performance this season was influenced by the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo, making Benzema free to score goals with his feet or from his head.

If Benzema can lead Real Madrid to the Champions League for the 14th time this 2022 season, it is certain that a Ballon d’Or nomination will be waiting for him, the opportunity is wide open for Karim Benzema

Because Real Madrid last Wednesday succeeded in destroying Chelsea at Stamford Bridge with Karim Benzema tri goals even though the match was still the first leg, but thanks to Karim Benzema, Real Madrid can breathe a sigh of relief because in the second leg they will play at their own home.

Real Madrid currently still needs a figure like Karim Benzema to raise the mental and morale of all El Real players, like yesterday El Clasico and then Benzema absence made Real Madrid like a tank without bullets which was embarrassed by its arch-enemy Barcelona by being massacred 0-4 without a single goal that netted in the goal of ter Stegen.

Even though he is already at his peakĀ  age (34) as a football player, his skills and processing of the round skin are still good without any drawbacks and in terms of speed and instincts, he is still sharp in the opponent defense.

The first victim in the UEFA Champions League, namely Chelsea goalkeeper Eduard Mendy, had to be helpless by three benzema goals, each of which was scored by two headers and one from a kick. For the record in terms of goals, Benzema has surpassed the goals of the legend of madrid alfredo distefano with 308 goals according to (marca)

Can Karim Benzema bring the big ear trophy to the Santiago Bernabeu after the last time he brought the trophy was in 2018 after defeating Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final.

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