Chapter 52 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will air tonight, Friday (20/11), onMangaPlusto answer fans’ curiosity. The focus on Naruto’s fatein his battle with Isshiki madethischaptermuch awaited by people. Moreover, the circulating spoiler says, one of the main characters will lose in the fight. Ahead of its release, a summary of this chapter appeared. Quoted fromIBTimes,chapter52 will start with Naruto and Kurama or the Nine-Tails discussing their new mode. Kurama compared the new form to nuclear fusion.


According to Kurama, the new form fuses their chakra to create a new form of energy. Naruto wondered if the form was different from the Six Steps or the Nine-Tails mode. Kurama explained that the new form was a different energy on a fundamental level when they tried to fuse their two chakras to create new energy. Kurama warned Naruto to avoid unnecessary moves and maintain the new form for as long as they could. (Also Read: Naruto Dies, Boruto Turns Into Borushiki in Chapter 52 Boruto ) The

battle against Isshiki then begins. Initially, Naruto was able to excel in that battle. The 7th Hokage was also able to dodge a number of Isshiki’s moves.

Getting such an onslaught, Isshiki didn’t stay silent and fought back. He used his cube technique to bury Naruto under the huge blocks. However, Naruto was able to lift the blocks and appeared in front of a shocked Isshiki. Naruto then throws the blocks at Isshiki who shrinks him and attacks Naruto with a chakra stick. Naruto, in his new form, could snatch the wand with his bare hands. Isshiki was shocked to see Naruto’s increase in strength.

In the midst of the chaos, Sasuke tries to bring Boruto to a safe location from the battle. Previous spoilers said that Boruto would witness his father’s death and transform into Borushiki.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, Kawaki and Amado discussed Kawaki’s prosthetic arm. The arm was actually made for Naruto and can only be controlled by Naruto’s chakra. Suddenly, the arm started to move and took everyone by surprise. (Also Read: Will Naruto Really Die at the End of the Boruto Manga? )

On the battlefield, Naruto was exhausted. The new mode also looks weak. Sasuke wondered if Naruto’s form was starting to disappear. Boruto begins to worry about his father’s condition. However, the injuries he sustained made him faint.

Naruto realized that his new form would disappear in the near future. Isshiki seemed to sense Naruto’s plight. The villain says that Naruto must give up his life so that his new form can work against him. Isshiki felt the upper hand would beat Naruto. However, he suddenly vomited blood. The trembling Isshiki started to wonder if Naruto’s attack was fatal. Naruto stated that the real war started at that time.

Isshiki then realized that his life span began to decrease rapidly and he only had 30 minutes to survive the problem. Kurama suggested that Naruto focus on delivering one heavy blow to knock out Isshiki. However, Isshiki strikes again and he will probably win against Naruto.

At the same time, when people were shocked by Kawaki’s hand movement, a portal opened and Kawaki was dragged inside. He then arrived at Naruto and Isshiki’s battle arena. Isshiki then explained, that he could pull Kawaki at the right time. Naruto and Sasuke were both confused by Kawaki’s presence. Boruto, who had previously fainted, suddenly opened his eyes.

From spoilers and previous predictions, chapter 52 is said to be the pinnacle of Naruto’s fate . Many predict that Naruto will die in this chapter . However, the inclusion of Masashi Kishimoto—the creator of the original Naruto series— as a substitute writer on the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations might bring a change. Previously, it was mentioned that this chapter would end with a cliffhanger and a time jump. Chapter 52 of Boruto: Naruto: Next Generation written by Kishimoto will be released tonight at 22.00 WIB on MangaPlus .

Naruto Dies, Boruto Turns Into Borushiki in Chapter 52 Boruto

Chapter 52 Boruto: Naruto Next Generation will feature an exciting battle between Naruto and his final form after fusion with Kurama against Isshiki. The spoilermentions that Naruto will eventually defeat Isshiki in the fight. If this happened, then Naruto would obviously die. Chapter 51which was published last month ended with a cliffhanger indicating that Naruto would go all out in the battle inchapter52. In that chapter, Kurama told the Hokage that he had a final form that could be activated that could give them a chance to defeat Isshiki. However, the new form can kill Naruto. Inchapter


same time, Boruto knew that Isshiki couldn’t kill him. In Konoha, Amado explains that members of the Otsutsuki clan always go to a planet in pairs to plant the God Tree and pick Chakra Fruits. Amado then deduces that Isshiki plans to use Boruto as a victim once his body is taken over by Momoshiki. (Also Read: Will Naruto Really Die at the End of the Boruto Manga? )

Chapter51 reveals that Momoshiki has afflicted 80% of Boruto’s body and Amado’s theory is correct. Isshiki didn’t plan to kill Boruto. When Tim7 and Kawaki fought Boro and saved Naruto, Momoshiki took over Boruto’s body and saved them. Quoted from Econotimes , from here, there is a possibility that Momoshiki could carry out the same plan as Isshiki’s plan. This provided the perfect reason for Borushiki to appear and help Naruto fight Isshiki.

IBTimes says, Boruto will witness his father’s death in chapter 52. At the same time, he will turn into Borushiki after he unconsciously activates his Jougan. However, things could have gotten worse after Borushiki attempted to extract Naruto’s chakra from his weakened body.

According to BlockToro , Chapter 52 will end on a huge cliffhanger and there will likely be a time jump after. It’s commonplace for shnen manga series to take time leaps to make room for characters to develop and learn new powers without pulling a story line. Naruto’s death or Boruto’s Jougan activity could also beits cliffhanger . (Also Read: Fighting Isshiki, Naruto Releases New Powers in Chapter 51 Boruto ) The

manga’s illustrator, Mikio Ikemoto, once revealed the possibility of ending the Boruto manga after 30 volumes. It would be fitting if chapter 52 ended with a shocking revelation and a time jump. The VJump page confirmed that this chapter will feature the battle between Naruto and Isshiki as its main feature and that there will be unexpected events.

Chapter52 will be released on November 20th. Ahead of its release, Naruto’s official Twitter account revealed that the original Naruto writer, Masashi Kishimoto, would be taking over as Boruto’s story writer, replacing Ukyo Kodachi. Kishimoto will start writing a new chapter for Boruto after Chapter 52 is released in the December issue of V Jump. It is not known why Kodachi left and Kishimoto took over the project. (Also Read: This Is The Difference Between Naruto and Boruto )

“Regarding the manga Boruto
With chapter 52 of Boruto to be published in the December issue of V Jump (released on November 21), the production system will be changed according to the plan from the start.
Thanks to Kodachi for writing the script so far.
In the future, we will publish the series based on an original draft written by Masashi Kishimoto,” the account tweeted.
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Kodachi and Ikemoto began the Boruto series in Weekly Shnen Jump in May 2016. The manga was later published monthly in the magazine. The manga moved to Shueisha’s V Jump magazine in July 2019. Shueisha published the manga’s 11th volume on May 13.

Meanwhile, Kishimoto released the Naruto manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999. The series ended in November 2014. Naruto has been transformed into various anime series , films and games. The Naruto Shippuden anime series ended in March 2017. The manga inspired a live-action Hollywood film developed by Lionsgate.

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