The rise of Kepa Arrizabalaga is one of the positives behind Chelsea’s difficulties in recent weeks. Kepa’s performance continued to improve, starting to push for the starting position.

Kepa’s career with the Blues is quite interesting. He was brought in with the status of the most expensive goalkeeper in the world. His performance was satisfactory the first few months, Kepa lived up to expectations.

However, problems started to bother him, Kepa’s performance continued to decline. Therefore, Chelsea took a firm stance by leaving Kepa on the bench and bringing in Edouard Mendy as a replacement.

Since then Kepa has often filled the bench as Mendy’s back-up. Even so, that situation might change soon.

Compliments to Kepa
Having the status of the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, but having to sit on the bench, of course this is not the scenario that Kepa wants. Fortunately, this Spanish goalkeeper seems to have mental steel.

Kepa continued to train and fight. He always answered Thomas Tuchel’s trust when given the opportunity to play.

Really he is a real example of that sportsmanship. I only have praise for him, of course the praise for his very good game,” said Tuchel at Football London.

“More than that, the credit he deserves because he did everything to give the performance he is now.”

The spirit of Kepa
Tuchel loves Kepa’s mentality and struggle to keep raising the level of the game. Kepa is not sitting on the bench, he is constantly improving himself.

“Every day, he has an incredible spirit. He doesn’t take the [proposed] decision personally. He does what he needs to do to be at his best,” Tuchel continued.

“This is an example of sporting at Chelsea. I am grateful to be his coach. He has done everything very well and I am sure he will perform well because of the way he works, his behavior and his training,” concluded Tuchel.

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Ever Suggested The World’s Most Expensive Goalkeeper, What’s Frank Lampard’s Consideration?

Frank Lampard has made big decisions while coaching Chelsea . At that time, he reserved Kepa Arrizabalaga , the most expensive goalkeeper in the world.

Of course this decision invites great criticism. The reason, Chelsea have paid so much to get Kepa from Athletic Bilbao. At that time, Kepa immediately became the most expensive goalkeeper in the world.

Even so, Lampard dared to take the decision to reserve Kepa. He appointed Willy Caballero as interim goalkeeper, then asked the club to target a new goalkeeper.

That shot fell to Edouard Mendy, the goalkeeper who is now one of Chelsea’s best players. So, what does Lampard say about this decision?

Not an easy decision
Lampard admits that the decision to leave Kepa was not an easy decision. He knows that every decision he makes will be criticized, especially when he has to back up a goalkeeper who has been bought at a very high price.

“When you realize you’re going to put a £70m goalkeeper on the bench you know it’s not a simple decision,” Lampard said in the Express.

I tried to talk openly with him and at one point I felt I had to make a change.”

Not a cruel attitude
After all, for Lampard his decision to reserve Kepa was not a cruel act. He considers the condition of the team and chooses the best solution for the team.

“In my opinion, I’m not being cruel to Kepa in that regard, because he is a talented goalkeeper,” continued Lampard.

“But at the time he was having a tough year for whatever reason, and I felt that we could develop that position.”

“Mendy is the result of that decision and he has obviously been playing fantastically since joining the club.”

By Raufs