The case of Kim Garam’s bullying is still being discussed. In fact, now the alleged victim with the initials A has released a statement confirming his accusations.
On May 19, 2022, A appointed a legal representative and released a further statement regarding the bullying he was experiencing. In the statement, A confirmed that the post entitled ‘Announcement of the Results of the School Violence Committee Discussion’ which discussed Kim Garam and was widely circulated on the internet was the truth.

A later asked for a formal apology from HYBE. He also threatened to reveal evidence that could support his statement about Kim Garam’s alleged bullying if management refused to apologize.

Regarding this, HYBE and Source Music, as management of LE SSERAFIM, released a statement regarding A’s confession. They regretted Daeryun, as law firm A, who according to them unilaterally released a statement regarding alleged bullying and sent it to a number of media in South Korea.

“First, because the case involving Kim Gara LE SSERAFIM has to involve a number of minors, we regret that Daeryun unilaterally released a statement in a number of media,” said HYBE and Source Music.

“Because Daeryun has arranged and announced part of the problem that actually happened in 2018 in a way that is favorable to them, we will also release a statement and announce it as soon as possible. So we hope that the media will not make news based on only one-sided arguments,” he stressed.

HYBE and Source Music decided to be more careful in dealing with this case because it involved a number of minors. They promised to release a further statement in the near future regarding this matter.

Previously, Kim Garam was accused of being a perpetrator of school violence shortly after HYBE and Source Music announced him as a member of LE SSERAFIM. Management at that time denied the news.

By Yas Il