‘Yumi’s Cells’ Tells The Story Of An Ordinary Office Worker Named Yumi, From The Point Of View Of The Many Brain Cells In Her Head That Control Her Every Thought, Feeling, And Action.

” Yumi’s Cells ” will present the last episode on Saturday (30/10) tonight. Towards the end, the TVINg drama production team presented photos of scenes belonging to Kim Yumi ( Kim Go Eun ) and Goo Woong ( Ahn Bo Hyun ) which would be a pity to miss.

In the previous episode of “Yumi’s Cells”, Yumi started to consider breaking up with Goo Woong. But seeing it in person, Yumi couldn’t bring herself to actually do it. Yumi finally said she wanted to take a break from Goo Woong.

The latest stills of “Yumi’s Cells” show Yumi and Goo Woong meeting again at the place where they shared their first meeting a few months ago. Goo Woong’s appearance had changed slightly, hinting that some time had passed since the day Yumi asked for a break.

The look in Yumi’s eyes when she looked at Goo Woong also showed that her feelings for him had changed since that day. On the other hand, the photo of this scene was immediately attacked by comments from Indonesian fans who screamed at Goo Woong’s new hairstyle.

Wow, handsome, ameeett, in locks, but I’m worried about tomorrow’s epsd , wrote a fan. Bo hyun is so handsome, his hair is in a ponytail , like that , continued another. It sucks to see Wong’s hair is tied up , added another.

Why didn’t Woong have his hair in a ponytail from here , wow , said other fans. Woong is really handsome when his hair is in a ponytail , added another. Don’t tie it up, it’s cute, it’s in a ponytail, it’s passed out , concluded the other fans.

Meanwhile, viewers are also curious whether Yoo Pig ( GOT7’s Jinyoung ) will be able to steal Yumi’s heart from Goo Woong like the one in the original webtoon. For those who are curious, don’t miss the last episode.

Kim Go Eun Meets This Figure In The Middle Of A Crisis With Ahn Bo Hyun In 'Yumi's Cells', Who?

Kim Go Eun Meets This Figure In The Middle Of A Crisis With Ahn Bo Hyun In ‘Yumi’s Cells’, Who?

In The Latest Scene Photo Of ‘Yumi’s Cells’, Yumi (Kim Go Eun) Seems To Be Meeting This Figure When Experiencing A Relationship Crisis With Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun). What’s Going On?

Ahead of the broadcast this week, tvN shared photos of the latest ” Yumi’s Cells ” scene . This trailer depicts Kim Go Eun’s character in the midst of the ups and downs of her relationship with Ahn Bo Hyun .

Based on the popular webtoon, “Yumi’s Cells” tells the story of an ordinary career woman named Kim Yumi (Kim Go Eun) from the point of view of the many brain cells in the head that control every thought, feeling and action. While she is having a hard time expressing her feelings, Yumi meets an honest and forthright game developer named Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun).

In the previous episode, Goo Woong surprised Yumi by suddenly saying she wanted to move out of her apartment. Shocked by the statement, Yumi asks if it’s because she’s bringing up the wedding. But Goo Woong’s insecurities have stopped him from convincing Yumi that his fears are unfounded.

In the newly released stills, it looks like Yumi is having a hard time after Goo Woong accidentally turned her world upside down. Goo Woong’s internal struggles have indirectly impacted Yumi and made her suffer.

The photos of the scene show Yumi looking sad while sitting alone in her apartment which looks so empty and cold. Whereas previously Yumi lived happy days when she lived with Goo Woong.

However, Yumi’s suffering finds an antidote when she visits her parents’ house. Yumi feels healing when she spends quality time with the loving people who are her parents. Even Yumi can smile again when enjoying warm food in the middle of the family.

With this release, many questions arise among viewers. What’s more, it’s about whether Goo Woong really got out of Yumi’s apartment. Also, about whether their relationship will survive this crisis.

To find the answer, the latest episode of “Yumi’s Cells” can be watched on Friday (28/10). This drama airs every Friday and Saturday at 22:50 local time.

By Fuzy