The Impact Of The Controversy That Caused A Public Uproar Regarding Actor ‘K’ Whose Identity Has Been Revealed, Namely Kim Seon Ho, Has Slowly Affected The Actor’s Career.

Before the controversy that dragged the name Kim Seon Ho , this actor gained tremendous popularity after playing the character Han Ji Pyeong in the tvN drama ” Start-Up “. Due to his character being judged by the public as a “second lead” with an unrequited love story, the name Kim Seon Ho is gaining popularity because of his visuals.

But unfortunately, Kim Seon Ho recently stumbled upon the controversy of actor “K” who was previously accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend to have an abortion and broke up after that. This of course made the public furious because of Kim Seon Ho’s commendable behavior which he had personally acknowledged.

Kim Seon Ho was previously planned to star in three films that will start filming at the end of 2021. But now, it is doubted because of the revelation of the scandal that made the public feel the pain of his ex-girlfriend.

According to media reports, Kim Seon Ho is scheduled to shoot three films starting in November. It started in November with the films ” Tristes Tropiques “, ” Dog Days ” in December, and ” 2pm Date ” which took place in March.

It is reported that Kim Seon Ho has not officially signed a contract with the three films due to last-minute coordination issues such as actor wages.

It is known that “Tristes Tropiques” is the most urgent film that needs a decision as they start shooting next month in November. Due to the fast pace of filming, it was not easy for the production team to find replacement actors or delay filming.

“Dog Days” will likely hold a meeting with the aim of finding a replacement actor. This is because the production team is unlikely to delay filming and choose to replace other actors.

Then the movie “2pm Date” which still has a few months to start filming so the production team has started holding internal discussions whether to replace Kim Seon Ho or not. A source close to Kim Seon Ho stated that the production team cannot cooperate with Kim Seon Ho and the actor’s side follows any decisions made by the production company according to their policies.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho got a lot of criticism from the public for no longer starring in the variety show ” 2 Days 1 Night “. Because of the controversy, Kim Seon Ho was officially removed from the event.

Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend’s Identity Revealed, Turns Out To Have Worked In The Broadcasting Industry

It Was Revealed That The Identity Of A Is Kim Seon Ho’s Ex-Girlfriend Where He Confessed To The Actor’s Disgraceful Behavior For Ordering Him To Have A Forced Abortion.

The controversy over the abortion of actor “K” which has recently become a hot topic of discussion among the public has been confirmed. It was revealed that the presumption that previously aroused curiosity was the famous actor Kim Seon Ho .

After tvN’s latest drama ” Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha ” finished broadcasting its drama on October 17, a surprising rumor emerged that there was an OP with the initials “A” claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of actor “K” which had already been answered if it was Kim Seon Ho. A admitted that he was forced to have an abortion even though his body was very weak.

After admitting his mistake, Kim Seon Ho drew criticism. Many began to be curious about the figure of his ex-girlfriend who had this unfortunate fate. According to one media report on Wednesday (20/10), the identity of A’s ex-boyfriend who previously filed anonymous accusations is a woman who has worked in the broadcasting industry for almost 10 years.

Along with the accusations made by A, he also claimed that actor “K” often slandered his co-stars, director, staff members, and other individuals he worked with. This of course sparked various speculations around the identity of the actor before it was revealed that it was Kim Seon Ho.

A’s career is thought to have worked in the broadcasting industry from the late 2000s to the mid-2010s. A was known in the broadcasting industry as a talented and beautiful young career woman before leaving the broadcasting business to start working in the trade sector.

It is known that A is currently also known as an influencer on Instagram. However, following this news it was reported that A had deleted his Instagram account after Kim Seon Ho publicly admitted his mistake.

Meanwhile, as this report began to be revealed, the news regarding Kim Seon Ho’s involvement in the forced abortion issue to A finally shocked various parties. Now Kim Seon Ho is facing a severe impact due to his disgraceful act, one of which is his presence on the program ” 2 Days 1 Night “.

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