Kim Seon Ho is currently still not reappearing after being involved in a controversy with his ex-lover. However, this does not stop him from doing good things.
Quoted from Munhwa Ilbo, Kim Seon Ho just donated 50 million Won, or Rp. 590 million, to the South Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation. Based on the news, the actor asked for his identity to be hidden.

Regarding this news, SALT Entertainment, as Kim Seon Ho’s management, confirmed the news. The Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha star donated IDR 590 million in December 2021.

“Kim Seon Ho donated 50 million Won (Rp 590 million) to the South Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation in December 2021. We are careful to reveal the details because Kim Seon Ho donated personally. So we hope for his understanding,” said SALT Entertainment.

This is not the first time Kim Seon Ho has donated to the South Korean Children’s Leukemia Foundation. Last year, the actor donated 100 million Won or Rp 1.2 billion to the foundation.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho is currently busy shooting the film Sad Tropics. This film is Kim Seon Ho’s last project in 2021.

Reported by a number of South Korean media, Kim Seon Ho is called canceling and rejecting all projects in 2022. Not only refusing acting projects, Kim Seon Ho is also said to have not accepted endorsement requests to fan meetings.

Sad Tropics has started filming since December 2021. So if Kim Seon Ho chooses to step down, it will be detrimental to the production side.

Seeing the consequences that could occur, the actor still agreed to star in the film. Kim Seon Ho is also still accepting requests to do a number of promotions for the film Sad Tropics.

Sad Tropics tells the story of a man who has a Korean father and a Filipino mother. He dreams of becoming a boxer and comes to Korea to find his father who has abandoned him and meets a bad person.

This film is Kim Seon Ho’s first acting project as the main character in a film.

By Yas Il