Komi Can’t Communicate (Netflix) is an anime comedy, school life adapted from the popular manga of the same name. But among so many names of the same genre, the film found its place and stood out among them. So what are the reasons why an anime with a fairly ordinary and familiar plot has become so hot and is rated positively? Let’s review with the writer!

The content of the film follows the very ordinary, rather ordinary male student – Tadano Hitohito on the first day of admission at the prestigious school was seated next to the most famous female student – Komi Shoko. For all the other students, this was a wonderful stroke of luck, whereas for Tadano it didn’t seem to be the case. Komi ignored him at first greeting and the seating position also made the young man a thorn in the side. However, after a period of contact, he realized that Komi has a communication disorder and has no friends. Heartbroken by the situation, Tadano offered to help Komi find 100 friends. But is everything easy?

That’s the brief content of the anime, so what are the cool, stable points that make it popular with the audience?

1. How to convey ideas

To be honest, films from Japan that exploit the problem of characters with social abilities are already a rather boring and familiar idea. Besides, helping them integrate into the community and make friends is not new to cam. But why Komi Can’t Communicate still somehow makes a great impression. It is in the implementation and communication of this idea in very strange and unique ways that are hard to find in other series. Anime are small, very ordinary situations that become unusual.

For example, with Komi, almost teachers and friends could not see anything abnormal in her because she was overwhelmed by her beauty and external perfection. Just by looking, they fell in love with Komi like a goddess. Since then, they self-delusional the cold, thrifty is a characteristic of Komi and self-actualized everything else. This is the same reason that makes Komi and Tadano’s journey to 100 friends more difficult. The film is proof that the idea is only 0.5 points while the situation and creativity take up the remaining 9.5 points and completely change the situation.

2. Unique characters

Do you think Komi is the only unusual person in the movie? Total mistake! Because except for Tadano, most of the other characters are not normal. Therefore, Komi Can’t Communicate also repeatedly emphasized that the school the audience is watching is full of weird monsters. From a masochist who likes to be a dog, to a hysterical yandere to someone with a gender disparity, if you want to find a unique character, this set has enough, no one is spared.

The important thing is that most of them are either overly passionate about Komi or obsessed with her. Even though Komi actually didn’t know or understand anything, she was always shy and afraid of not knowing how to properly converse with people. Only pity for the ordinary young man Tadano was swept up in a series of dramas out of nowhere, being slaughtered from words to actions, even bullying and torture.

However, with the main fun atmosphere, full of humor, don’t worry. Drama in the movie is also crap and “smooth”, not tired at all!

3. Humor in small points

Honestly, watching this anime you don’t need to bring your brains, because it’s unnecessary or far-fetched thinking is something you shouldn’t have when watching Komi. The movie is a mix of simple humor and intense surprise as it’s crap and still hard to believe. But it’s not because of nonsense that it’s poor quality, but the main value of the movie lies in the ugly things that few people think about.

A lot of praise must be given to the author’s juggling of the brains of common people. Because who can think of so many ridiculous situations, words and thoughts for such characters and still create satirical laughter. From the smallest details, the film will make the audience laugh right after. What a suitable anime to watch to entertain tired days.

4. Bringing social diseases closer to the audience with an optimistic and humorous look

With her cheerful atmosphere, Komi Can’t Communicate has brought many social diseases related to communication closer to the audience so that they can better understand the patients who have difficulty in this issue. However, it doesn’t make people cry or take it too seriously, but the film has an unexpectedly positive and optimistic way of communicating. This way the viewer can see them more easily.

However, that does not mean that we should look down on or take these issues lightly. Because throughout the film, although it doesn’t make things serious, the audience can still see the countless obstacles that the characters face, especially Komi. From there, viewers can more or less empathize with these people as well as learn some ways to interact with them.

5. Focus on friendship, school relationships

In the end, the main thing that makes the writer quite like about the movie is that it keeps a bright and cheerful atmosphere. It focuses on how Tadano and Komi try to build friendships with each other and the people around them, rather than love. I don’t know if this aspect will get much focus and development in the future but if it does, it should be done carefully because things are going great right now.

Friendship is always an element that Komi Can’t Communicate should prioritize and do very well.

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