In addition to stories about lovers, Korean dramas also tell about the affectionate relationship between family members. But even more interesting, Korean dramas often present storylines to unexpected characters, so that the audience is made curious about the story. One of them is the character who is told to have mental retardation .

Mental health itself has often been made into stories in several KDramas. In addition to the story full of emotion, KDrama connoisseurs also get a moral message from the story. Here are five Korean artists who are told to have siblings with mental retardation in KDrama.

1. Han Hyo Joo (Brilliant Legacy)
In KDrama Brilliant Legacy (2009), Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) who had just returned from New York had to face the fact that her father’s company went bankrupt. It also makes him and his sister, Eun Woo (Yeon Joon Seok) have to leave the house. Seba, his father was reported to have died while his stepmother seemed to give up on them.

As Eun Sung struggles to survive, his younger brother Eun Woo disappears. Eun Sung, who loves his sister very much, begins to do various ways so that Eun Woo can return. Moreover, Eun Woo, who has mental retardation, worries his brother even more.

With the help of several people, it makes it easier for Eun Sung to find Eun Woo. Luckily Eun Woo is with people who treat her well. The cafe owner who finds Eun Woo decides to hire him as an accompanist at the cafe. Plus Eun Woo also really likes music and piano.

2. Moon Geun Young (Catch The Ghost)
The drama Catch The Ghost (2019), which is a mystery thriller genre, is not only about uncovering murder cases. Because, there is a story of the main character’s emotion that managed to attract attention.

It is said that Yoo Ryeong (Moon Geun Young) has a twin brother named Yoo Jin (Moon Geun Young). Because his twin brother has mental retardation, Yoo Ryeong must experience difficulties. Once upon a time, Yoo Ryeong intentionally left Yoo Jin on the train.

After losing Yoo Jin, Yoo Ryeong realized that he really loved his twin brother. He then looked for a way to find his brother. He even managed to become a cop in the subway section which he considered to be the right way to quickly find Yoo Jin.

3. Lee Je Hoon (Move To Heaven)
After losing his father in the drama Move To Heaven (2021), Han Geu Ru (Tan Jun Sang) who has Asperger’s syndrome now has to live alone with his uncle Cho Sang Gu (Lee Je Hoon). It is known that his uncle has just been released from prison and is now the legal guardian of Han Geu Ru.

After his father’s death, Han Geu Ru still maintains a cleaning service for valuables and property from someone who has died. Not alone, he was also accompanied by his uncle.

At first, Cho Sang Gu was indifferent to Han Geu Ru. However, one day he saw that this Han Geu Ru was very special. Because, behind his Asperger’s syndrome, Geu Ru even has advantages such as being able to remember various things in detail. Finally, the uncle’s heart began to move and in the end Cho Sang Gu began to take care of Han Geu Ru and began to love his nephew.

4. Kim Soo Hyun (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay)
Having mental retardation is not an obstacle for Moon Sang Tae (Oh Jung Se) to become his older brother, Moon Gang Tae (Kim Soo Hyun) in the drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020). Just living alone, making the brothers protect each other.

Moon Sang Tae’s childhood trauma that can appear at any time makes Moon Gang Tae have to take extra care of his brother. Moon Gang Tae himself works as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital, so he knows better what to do if his brother suddenly remembers his trauma.

5. Han Ji Min (Our Blues)
Young Ok (Han Ji Min) who feels that his twin is a burden in the drama Our Blues (2022) makes him want to go away from his brother. He finally decided to leave his brother on the pretext of looking for work on Jeju Island.

One day, Young Hui (Jung Eun Hye) decides to follow her sister on Jeju Island, making the two of them finally meet again. Young Ok actually loves his brother. However, because of his brother’s condition, Young Ok often finds it difficult, so he thinks not to marry and live alone with his twin.

Some of the stories above seem to tell that no human is perfect. In every weakness there must also be an advantage in a person.

By Jaya