Con-man aka con artist may always be associated with bad people who are additional characters in Korean drama. But, what will happen, if the Conman is actually the main character.

As is the case in nine Korean dramas where the main lead has a profession as a con artist to make a profit. Let’s see who they are.

Besides psychopaths, the most attractive Korean drama characters are con artists. The following nine Korean dramas feature these characters. Looks great like a real one!

1. Kwon Oh Joon disguises himself as an investment manager targeting lonely women in Robber (2008). She then meets Jin Dal Rae, a single mother who is about to start her business

2. Oh Soo’s life went awry after his girlfriend died in That Winter, the Wind Blows (2013). Due to debt, he disguises himself as the big brother of the rich Oh Young

3. In The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), Heo Joon Jae uses his wit and appearance to deceive. He then met a mysterious woman whom he named Shim Cheong

4. Growing up in a family of con artists, Cha Joo Eun, who has many identities, seems to be surrounded by mysterious people, including Lee Jung Hwan, the man she will marry in Private Lives (2020)

5. Go Hye Rim is upset about the presence of Choi Soo Hyun, professor of psychology at Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist (2016). Of course it’s because he’s a fortune teller and claims to have a connection with Queen Marie Antoinette’s soul

6. Due to the situation, Jung Se Ro who wanted to live honestly turned out to be a fraud in Beyond the Clouds (2014). Fate then brought him together with Han Young Won, whose fiancĂ©’s death caused Se Ro to be in prison

7. My Fellow Citizens (2019) introduces Yang Jung Kook as a prospective board member who is married to Kim Mi Young. Realized too late, they turned out to be a con man and a cop pasangan

8. Oh In Beom uses ghost stories to trick people in Sell Your Haunted House (2021). He then meets Hong Ji Ah who owns Daebak Real Estate and is able to exorcise evil spirits

9. In Switch: Change the World (2018), prosecutor Oh Ha Ra finds Sa Do Chan who looks like his co-worker Baek Joon Soo. Even though Sa Do Chan is actually a cheater

Although told as con artists, the characters of this drama are actually trying to find the best way in their lives. Especially after meeting people who are always there for them. Of the Korean drama characters above, which one has the most excellent acting like the original?

By Jaya