Korean drama Ghost Doctor has caught the attention of viewers with its interesting plot and characters.So far, the drama Ghost Doctor recorded a personal best viewer rating of 6.048%, and there has been a steady increase in ratings in every episode since its premiere.

Directed differently by director Boo Sung Chul, Ghost Doctor is a medical and fantasy drama about two doctors who are very much in terms of their backgrounds, skills, and personalities.But in the end it combines body and soul to work together to achieve a goal.

Cha Young Min (Rain) is a genius thoracic surgeon, while Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum) is a resident doctor who comes from a wealthy family.Quoted by mantrapasukabumi.com via the Viu platform, the following is a list of coma ghosts in the Korean Drama Ghost Doctor .From the title, you might already be able to tell them that in the Ghost Doctor series, ghost characters will appear.Sure enough, it’s only been 4 episodes, some ghosts have shown themselves.

The first to appear in the Korean drama Ghost Doctor is the ghost of Cha Young Min (Rain).His spirit was separated from his body which was in a coma due to an accident.Due to living in a completely new realm, with different rules from humans, the Young ghosts had a little bit of adaptation.

In the course of his life as a ghost , Young Min meets several other ghosts .But, for those of you who are afraid of spirits, these ghosts are not scary at all, really. Instead they seem clean, tidy, and helpful. Get acquainted, come on, with them.

1. Tess

Tess’s brother (Sung Dong Il), as he asks to be addressed, first appears when he possesses a janitor who helps fix the hose connected to Young Min’s body.You could say, the ghost who has been living in this hospital for more than 20 years is the most fun ghost . He likes to appear suddenly, and surprise Young Min.

His appearance is neat and cool, because he has a good sense of dress. Even though she could go in and out of the human body, Tess didn’t. He did that because he wanted to help others, not because of his personal interests. For example, possessing a frightened dentist patient.

In addition, Tess also likes to send the sisters drinks because they have worked hard to save safety. Tess is a wise ghost . He often advises Cha Young Min not to go in and out of Go Seung Tak (Kim Bum)’s body often. If it’s too often, I’m afraid that Young Min won’t even be able to return to his own body. He also advised not to stay in someone’s body for too long.If it’s too long, that person’s life can be messed up.

2. Jang Kwang Deok

The ghost of Jang Kwang Deok (Lee Moon Soo), who is the president of a large corporate group, shares the same fate as the ghost of Young Min. He only became a ghost when he went into a coma, after undergoing a difficult operation. The doctor who successfully operated on him was Young Min. Actually, he was in a coma through no fault of Young Min.

He was deliberately put into a coma by his own son who was thirsty for treasure. At first the ghost of Young Min had given up on his life and was about to leave the world charmingly. However, he was hit, beaten by the ghost of Kwang Deok and chased.

He said, Cha Young Min must not die before bringing him back to life.He recently found out about his son conspiring with the hospital management and doctors, to keep him in a coma for a long time. Although sad and heavy, the ghost of Kwang Deok tries to live life as a ghost by playing baduk.

3. Hwang Guk Chan

Played by Han Seung Hyun, the stocky Hwang Guk Chan is a cheerful ghost . His status is also a coma ghost , whose body is being treated in the ICU. Since he’s been in a coma for a long time , he has many tricks to help Young Min who wants to enjoy fried chicken like Guk Chan. Guk Chan is happy to educate. He said, even though the ghost of the coma would break through if it collided with a human body.

They can take things that belong to humans and have no effect on the existence of these objects. Because humans and ghosts live in different realms.

So Young Min takes a cup of americano coffee and sips it deliciously.

Guk Chan also taught him to press the button to open the automatic door. His tips, pressing it does not need too much attention and no effort. Cha Young Min then tried pressing the button casually, and… you can!

4. Choi Hoon Gil

This ghost of Choi Hoon Gil (Tan) is also a coma ghost. The difference with Guk Chan, he is very upset about Young Min’s arrogance. The reason is, Young Min has a principle, people whose life expectancy is thin, don’t need much attention. let them go charmingly.” These words make Hoon Gi get emotional when he sees Young Min, so he wants to hit him.

5. Lim Bo Mi

So far Lim Bo Mi (Yoon So Hee) is the only ghost female comatose. He never appeared alone, always three with Choi Hoon Gil and Hwang Guk Chan. Her face always looks sad and mellow. Even though he is treated the same as Hoon Gil by Young Min, he doesn’t hold a grudge.

By Yas Il