It’s common knowledge, even though life as an idol looks fun, their life is so hard because of the many demands. Having to take care of the feelings of fans so that they must always have a good image as an idol , are the two things that are most often in the spotlight.

There are a number of Korean dramas that try to portray the life of an idol which is not at all easy. Many are airing in 2021, check the complete list, come on!

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1. Imitation (2021)
This Korean drama tells the story of the ups and downs of a girl group called Tea Party. Since their debut, Ma Ha (Jung Ji So), Ri A (Minseo), and Hyun Ji (Lim Na Young) have never really felt their popularity reach. Finally, Tea Party decides to join a TV show that brings them together with the popular boy group, Shax.

Ma Ha gained public attention thanks to his resemblance to a popular singer named Ri Ma (Park Ji Yeon). However, Kwon Ryeok (Lee Jun Young) doesn’t like Ma Ha because he seems to always imitate Ri Ma. Until an incident makes Kwon Ryeok explode with anger at Ma Ha and Ryeok gets hate that results in his career.


2. So, I Married The Anti-Fans (2021)
This drama tells the story of the most popular male idol in South Korea named Who Joon (Choi Tae Joon) who meets a magazine reporter named Lee Geun Young (Sooyoung). In their first meeting, there was a misunderstanding that made the two of them become enemies and hate each other.

However, because of Who Joon, Geun Young is fired from her job. The woman took revenge by declaring herself an anti-fan of Who Joon. Unexpectedly, Geun Young who doesn’t have a job and needs money, is finally forced to join a program about the life of an idol who marries his anti-fan .


3. Idols: The Coups (2021)
Will broadcast its first episode on November 8, Idol: The Coups adds to the lineup of Korean dramas with the theme of the lives of idols in 2021. Starring EXID’s Hani, LABOUM’s Solbin, and WJSN’s Exy, this drama presents a story about a girl group called Cotton Candy.

They are a group that has been around for 6 years, but is still unpopular and on the verge of disbanding. Worries about the group’s career that might end were starting to haunt. The drama also stars Han So Eun, Green, Kwak Si Yang, and rookie actor Kim Min Kyu.


4. Let Me Be Your Knight (2021)
Lee Jun Young U-Kiss returns as an idol in Let Me Be Your Knight . This drama tells the story of a famous K-Pop group named Luna. The leader is Yoon Tae In (Lee Jun Young) who suffers from sleepwalking. To be able to cure him, he secretly hired a doctor.

Meanwhile, In Yoon Joo (Jung In Sun) actually works as a tour guide. He has a dream that one day he can buy his own house. Until one day an incident causes him to be forced to become a fake doctor and get stuck with a group called Luna.

Let Me Be Your Knight also stars Lee Shin (JR), Kim Yoo-Chan (Yoon Ji-Sung), Woo Ga-On (Kim Dong-Hyun) and Seo Woo-Yeon (Jang Dong-Joo). Its premiere starts on November 7, 2021!


5. Her Private Life (2019)
For those of you who like KPop idol fangirling , Her Private Life can be very relatable to you. This drama tells the story of Sung Deok Mi (Park Min Young) who is a curator at an art gallery.

Secretly in her personal life, Deok Mi has an obsession with young K-Pop idols , namely a member of a famous group named Shi An (One). He even runs a fanpage site under a pseudonym.

Until finally, her fangirling hobby is discovered by the new director at the art gallery where she works, Ryan Golds (Kim Jae Wook). This famous painter who is no longer painting is actually starting to be curious about Sung Deok Mi’s double life.

The five Korean dramas with the theme of idol life above will make you understand them better. Although his life is filled with fame and luxury, these two things do not guarantee happiness at all. They also need support and need loved ones around them.

On the other hand, struggling to become an idol who seems to have a good life is also not easy. There has been a lot of hard work before. They are also not perfect and naturally have their advantages and disadvantages. Are you interested in watching the series of dramas above?

By Rama