Watching movies is one of the fun activities to fill free time at the end of the year. For example, Korean films are now much loved. Choose the action genre with the theft theme to make it more exciting. Just for reference, here are recommendations for Korean films with the theft theme that you can watch ahead of the 2022 New Year.


Pipeline (2021) : Pipeline is a film released in 2021. Apart from featuring Seo In Guk, another handsome actor who also plays a role in this film is Lee Soo Hyuk. The two actors who starred in the drama Doom at Your Service work together to carry out the theft of oil through an underground pipeline.

The theft was carried out in such a way as to avoid suspicion from the police. Curious about their thrilling action? You can just watch the film.

Collectors (2020) : Collectors is a film starring actor Lee Ji Hoon. He plays Kang Dong Goo, a genius antique thief. Kang Dong Goo in collaboration with Dr. John (Jo Woo Jin), an ancient tomb expert and digger named Sabdari (Lim Won Hee) in carrying out his theft.

The story of this film begins when they meet a curator named Yoon (Shin Hye Sun) who offers to work together to steal an ancient treasure left by a king buried in a Korean royal tomb. A strategy was developed to avoid the authorities. Their action became more challenging because of the location of the tomb in the heart of the capital, namely Seoul.

Time to Hunt (2020) : Also played by Lee Ji Hoon, Joon Seok, who just got out of prison, returns to gather his colleagues to commit theft. The film also stars Choi Woo Shik as Ki Hoon, Ahn Jae-hong as Jang-ho, and Park Jung-min as Sang-soo.

After committing a massive heist at a gambling house, they embark on an escape from the assassins who are after them. Curious about their action in Time to Hunt ? Come on, let’s see the continuation of the story.

Gate (2018) : Gate, which aired in 2018, is a theft-themed film with the crime comedy genre . This film certainly features funny scenes that can make the audience laugh.

The film Gate stars Jung Ryeo-won, Jung Sang-hoon, Im Chang-jung, Lee Moon-sik, Lee Kyoung-young, Kim Bo-min, and Lee Moon-sik. Jung Ryeo-won plays the main character, So Eun who has skills in opening safes. In his theft, he is also assisted by Gyu Choel (Im Chang-jung), a prosecutor who has lost his memory. Was their theft successful?

The Con Artist (2014) : The Con Artist stars handsome South Korean actor, Kim Woo Bin. In this film, Kim Woo Bin plays Jin Hyuk who will team up with Koo In (Ko Chang Seok) and Jong Bae (Lee Hyun Woo) to commit a heist.

The trio they plan to break into a storage safe located at Incheon Airport. The action of these three friends becomes tense, because they have to deal with a very tight guard system. Will they succeed in carrying out this burglary?

By Rama