Krystal Admits It’s Hard To Hold Back Laughter At The ‘Crazy Love’ Filming Location

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‘Crazy Love’ Is Prepared To Be Broadcast As A Substitute For ‘Moonshine’ In The Monday-Tuesday Night Slot. The Drama, Which Also Stars Kim Jae Wook, Will Air From March 7.

” Crazy Love ” only a matter of days will decorate the small screen. Ahead of the broadcast, the KBS drama production team released a poster as well as an interview belonging to Krystal who plays the secretary character named Lee Shin Ah.

Lee Shin Ah is a shy character who struggles to be Noh Go Jin’s ( Kim Jae Wook ) secretary for over a year. But his life takes an unexpected turn when the beautiful woman learns that she doesn’t have much time to live.

The newly released poster of “Crazy Love” depicts the changes that Lee Shin Ah goes through when she is crushed by the news that she doesn’t have much time to live. She bit her lip and stared intently at someone.

The text on the poster reads, “I, Lee Shin Ah, cannot die like this. Noh Go Jin, you will pay for this.” Noh Go Jin is a narcissist who always pressures Noh Go Jin with jobs with perfect demands.

Krystal commented, “Lee Shin Ah’s transformation process after finding out she has a terminal illness is impressive. Sometimes she is honest with her feelings, but because of her kindness and pure heart, she worries about Noh Go Jin more than anyone else, and the scene was fun.”

“The unique romantic plot development between a man who receives death threats and a woman who receives news that he is terminally ill is very interesting,” said Krystal.

Krystal then revealed that it was very difficult not to laugh on the set of “Crazy Love”. “It’s very difficult to hold back my laughter on set. So I will be happy if they remember it as a drama that makes them happy,” concluded Krystal.

Meanwhile, “Crazy Love” is prepared to air as a substitute for ” Moonshine ” in the Monday-Tuesday night slot. The drama is scheduled to air from March 7 next. Don’t miss watching it.

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