Lee Jung Jae Recently Shared His Thoughts On The Global Popularity Of ‘Squid Game’. Claiming To Enjoy Monitoring The Reactions Of Fans From Around The World, He Said.

This Korean drama, starring Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo, has been watched by at least more than 100 million people worldwide.

“Squid Game” itself tells the story of Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) who lives below the poverty line and has no hope until he joins a mysterious game. Called the Squid Game, the race consists of six rounds using childhood games in which 456 people compete for survival to emerge victorious.

But apparently “Squid Game” doesn’t just show human cruelty when faced with a prize of 45.6 billion won. But this drama also shows the participants facing big things outside of prizes and games.

For the success of this drama, it seems that Lee Jung Jae has watched a lot of reaction content such as memes, parodies and challenges among fans.

In order to understand what is called a reaction video, Lee Jung Jae revealed that he had watched it a lot and discovered new things from it. According to him, the content from fans about “Squid Game” is very interesting.

“I watch a lot of reaction videos on YouTube, videos of viewers watching ‘Squid Game’ in real time . I’ve never seen a reaction video before in my life. I think it’s very interesting and funny. So yes, I have been watching how the global audience reacts,” said Lee Jung Jae.

In addition, Lee Jung Jae also claimed to have special expectations regarding the progress of South Korea’s creative industry. With the acceptance of “Squid Game”, he hopes that other programs will be received as well.

Lee Jung Jae Responds To Shocking About ‘Squid Game’ Criticized Less Interesting, What?

Despite Its Popularity, ‘Squid Game’ Was Also Criticized For Being Unattractive And Raising Unnecessary Elements In It. To That End, Lee Jung Jae Gave A Striking Response.

Not only achievements, ” Squid Game ” also did not escape criticism. Aware of the many criticisms of the drama he starred in, Lee Jung Jae gave a quite striking response.

It is well known, “Squid Game” has reached the peak of its glory as a Netlfix original drama. Less than a month from its release, this drama has been watched by more than 100 million pairs of eyes around the world. Not only reaping the benefits and appreciation, this drama also spawned a number of controversies, one of which was because it raised violence and an unclear message.

In an interview with the New York Times , Lee Jung Jae said, “Yes, everyone has their own tastes, and I fully appreciate any response from each viewer. I understand that the responses can vary.”

Then Lee Jung Jae explained that Korean people have an altruistic mindset where togetherness comes first. According to this mindset, Koreans believe in the value of friendship and maintaining good relations between people. In “Squid Game”, the 456 participants of the survival game have represented the Korean people’s altruism mindset.

“I love my friends very much. I care about them. And I think ‘Squid Game’ has linked this altruism theme to the survival game storyline. In addition, this drama also adds very impressive visuals, said Lee Jung Jae.

Furthermore, regarding the criticism of “Squid Game” being accused of being unattractive due to a lot of violence and not leaving a message, Lee Jung Jae requested that those who said that watch it again. According to him, this drama has raised stories and messages that are quite important for viewers to study.

Because ‘Squid Game’ is actually not a show about survival games alone. This drama tells about humans,” explained Lee Jung Jae.

Next, Lee Jung Jae explained that “Squid Game” has prompted people to question something about themselves as humans. Questions about humanity will arise along the storyline of Seong Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) and his friends.

“I thought we’d ask ourselves a question while watching this drama, have I forgotten something that shouldn’t be forgotten as a human being? Does anyone need my help, but I’m not aware? Should I help them? I think if they rewatch this drama, viewers will be able to see many subtle (human) elements there,” concluded Lee Jung Jae.

By Fuzy