The new game in the series takes all its most iconic elements and combines them to bring an ambitious and very extensive proposal

If you think of formulas that can never fail (or should not), one is the combination of LEGO and Star Wars. The two giants have already crossed paths countless times in the gaming field and did so once again in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga , the latest installment of the franchise that will be released on April 5.

From the beginning there was talk that it was going to be the most ambitious proposal for the series so far and the final game only reaffirmed all the feelings that the first impressions raised. The Skywalker Saga is a huge title, but also very neat in the details and references on which it stands.

This new game is based on a very simple premise, but which, at the same time, becomes one of its most important strengths:the possibility of reviving the plot of the nine central films of the saga. As if one were to see them for the first time -or if they wanted to do a rewatch-, the first step is to decide where to start. For the year of release or for the chronological order of the story, everyone can choose. In all cases, it will be necessary to start with the first episode of each trilogy to unlock the following ones.

From the first minute, the references are going to be a central point, all tinged with the most characteristic humor of LEGO. But also, as those responsible for the game proposed , it is a very clear gateway for a new audience. Although the journey through the narrative of the films is very careful, it is true that there are some uncovered sections, so it provides a basis for anyone who decides to delve into the saga.

But that replica of the film franchise was not only in the narrative. What’s more,there is a huge and detailed work to reconstruct each of the planets and settings that fans will immediately recognize. But, more importantly, now they will be able to move freely through the game. That level of precision that went into generating the different locations is going to be the main motivator to explore, to return to each of those planets when the main story of each episode is completed.

At times, the narrative seems to force us to run while we see hundreds of paths, characters and alternative missions along the way that push us to pause. The first impression generated by LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is that you are facing a huge universe full of elements with which to interact. It may seem overwhelming in some sections, but after a few hours of play, everything is an incentive to return and get to know each of the planets and their locations at the pace that one decides.

The environments look massive and the level of development that took place in each scenario is noticeable at all times, but much more so when the spaces are larger.They managed to elevate the most characteristic aesthetics of LEGO and provide it with greater fluidity and care for lighting and textures. Therefore, finishing each episode is like wanting to immediately go back to see everything in slow motion.

But, in addition, each planet and main mission offers so many collectibles, secondary missions, characters to discover and new vehicles to unlock, that the completionists will not be able to pass it up. In addition, some spaces, for example, are only reachable by some characters that have specific skills or tools, so returning is almost a must.

Another important aspect of the different scenarios is the dynamism they provide. Each planet is going to propose its own characteristic biome, but there is a very punctual sensation generated by the passage from the closed environment of a ship, to traveling through an open space or the largest scale that is perceived when we are facing a special combat. It is one of the strong points of the game and the perception is that we are facing a proposal that never stops and is always putting you in a different situation.

As for the mechanics, it is a game that is proof of any skill level. If what you are looking for are very demanding challenges, it may not be the ideal title. Although the air combats add a very welcome level of maneuver and vertigo. Likewise, as the game progresses, one better capitalizes on the possibilities offered by each character in combat and not taking advantage of specific characteristics is leaving aside one of the most interesting aspects of the game.

The game grows and becomes more dynamic when all the available elements are used and being able to understand who to use in each combat leg becomes key.. In the huge range of characters, the confrontations in which there is a lightsaber , obviously, are the most fun and those that offer a more important range of skills to use.

In turn, each type of character will have its own spectrum of abilities and collecting special blocks will be key to unlocking the specific improvements for each one. The positive thing is that the game offers an infinity of resources to be able to do it, so it will not be an impediment at any point.

The extensive number of characters that are available in each of the parts of the game can only compete against the number of available transports, which will also be unlocked as the plot progresses, but new ones can also be added as collect the items needed to complete them.

Above all else, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a game made with a lot of love. Love for the details and the meticulous construction of a universe that we know is enormous. But, especially, love for one of the most beloved film franchises, which has managed to expand nonstop since the premiere of its first film. The presence of the original soundtrack of the films only adds to the feeling of living something extremely familiar.

There is an ideal game for each person who decides to play it and, for some, The Skywalker Saga is going to feel like a video game that arrives at the right time. If what you are looking for is nostalgia constantly mixed with an enormous sense of joy and an experience that screams dynamism through all its elements, this is the perfect title. Starting from the best film saga of all time covers a large part of the way that a game has to go. Being able to turn it into something that feels like something new and capable of inviting everyone to join that universe, is the real merit.


By Jaya