Lia Is Positive For COVID-19, Here Are The Results Of The Other ITZY Members’ Corona Tests

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After Lia ITZY Tested Positive For COVID-19, The Other Members Immediately Took A PCR Test. So, How Are Their Test Results? Check Out The Following Agency Announcement.

Lia ITZY was declared infected with the Corona virus and is currently undergoing treatment. In connection with this news, JYP Entertainment released a new statement to announce the results of the other ITZY members’ COVID-19 tests. Check out the agency’s statement below.

JYP Entertainment stated, “Hello, this is JYP Entertainment. We are here to update you on Lia ITZY’s status after she received a positive result on February 13. Lia, who has received two doses of the vaccine, is currently only experiencing mild cough symptoms and is undergoing treatment at the hospital. home according to quarantine authorities.”

The agency continued, “As previously mentioned, Lia got a positive result after carrying out a self-diagnosis kit on February 12. She immediately underwent a PCR test and received a positive result on the morning of February 13.”

Based on the PCR test results from the other members, Shin Ryujin and Chaeryeong got negative results, while Yeji and Shin Yuna ‘s test results have not been decided yet. They have carried out another test and are currently waiting for the results. We will inform you about Yeji and Yuna as soon as possible. we heard the results,” added the agency.

Due to this situation, JYP Entertainment was forced to postpone the ITZY fan meeting which will be held on February 19. The agency said, “Therefore, ‘ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting’ which was originally scheduled for February 19, will be postponed. We apologize to fans who have been waiting for this event.”

“We will inform you about the new date in the next announcement. We will also do our best to help with the recovery and treatment of our artist. Thank you,” concluded JYP Entertainment.

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