Dr. Stone is one of the survival genre anime that is in great demand by anime fans. Presenting the theme of survival with various scientific experiments, Dr. Stone managed to attract the attention of the audience to explore other anime that have a similar genre.

Apart from Dr. Stone himself, there are more survival genre anime that are no less interesting, here. If you like survival genre anime like Dr. Stone , it doesn’t hurt to try the five anime points below, OK!

Astra Lost in Space : The anime, which also has the title Kanata no Astra , has the concept of survival in outer space. First released on July 3, 2019, Astra Lost in Space presents a storyline full of adventure that is both fun and thrilling with various plot twists .

Instead of getting lost in the forest, Astra Lost in Space tells the story of a group of high school students who got lost in outer space. Those who initially only intended to go camping to a nearby planet, were thrown into space thousands of lights away from their home planet after colliding with a mysterious wormhole.

Fortunately, not far from where they were, there was an empty ship they could board. The ship which was later named Astra was the beginning of their journey to return home. In order to survive, the students then travel to various planets to find new food and experiences that strengthen their friendship.

7 Seeds : Almost the same as Dr. Stone, 7 Seeds also tells about the state of the world after the apocalypse. If in Dr. Stone of human civilization destroyed by a mysterious light of petrification, unlike the 7 Seeds whose civilization was destroyed years after a meteor hit Earth.

The anime, which was released on June 28, 2019, tells the story of selected people who managed to survive the apocalypse. Consisting of seven people in each group, they must survive not only by looking for food, but also to save themselves from the animals that have evolved after the extinction of humans.

Uninhabited Planet Survive! : The anime, also titled Mujin Wakusei Survive, was first released on October 16, 2003. Produced by Studio Madhouse and Telecom Animation Film, Uninhabited Planet Survive! quite unique, here, because it tells about the 22nd century where the Earth is no longer habitable. With the development of technology, humans then made new colonies on nearby planets. Likewise on Mars, a girl named Luna lives with her father.

After her father’s death, Luna was transferred to the LOCA-A2 colony with her robot cat. While traveling on a field trip, Luna and her six friends are stranded on an uninhabited planet due to a gravitational storm. They also inevitably have to survive on the planet.

Are You Lost? : Are You Lost? may have a more realistic storyline than the other anime on this list. The anime which was released on July 2, 2019 is also quite fun to watch because it offers the concept of survival on a desert island.

Anime also titled Sounan Desu Ka? It tells the story of four teenage girls named Homare Onishima, Mutsu Amatani, Shion Kujou, and Asuka Suzumori who get into a plane crash. Intending to go on a trip, these four girls have to go through a bad experience and instead have to survive on a remote island due to an accident.

Armed with survival knowledge from his father, Homare begins to direct his friends to survive, from looking for water, food, to building shelter.

By Rama