BLACKPINK member Lisa shared the cutest story about how she fell in love with kimchi!

During a recent live broadcast, BLACKPINK members Lisa and Rosé chatted with fans while eating barbecue together. While Rosé was preparing the meat, Lisa said cutely, “I need rice, Rosie. I need Hetbahn (CJ instant rice)! Is there a Hetbhan?”.

Lisa also argued like a real Korean (?), “You can’t eat meat without rice and kimchi!”.

Then, while eating the leftover kimchi, the two members talked about the difference between the store-made kimchi and the homemade kimchi. Here, Lisa declared: “Grandma’s Kimchi is the best!”

However, upon hearing this, Rosé asked: “Whose grandmother? Lisa, did your grandmother make kimchi at your house when you were young?? Lisa, are you really… Korean???”

With laughter, Lisa explained: “There is this story. I used to not like kimchi. I used to think, ‘Why is everyone eating this? Do people really find this delicious?’. That was when I was a trainee, in our dorm, we didn’t have food because we were on a diet, no instant noodles, no Hetbahn. That’s when he (Rosé) wasn’t there. But there is another friend named Miyeon. It was late at night after practice, and we were both very hungry. So we opened the refrigerator door, but it was completely empty. It was empty except for a kimchi container. ”

She continued, “But I was so hungry, I decided to eat kimchi, even though I didn’t like it. So I ate it. But it’s very delicious. It’s just too delicious. From then on, I fell in love with kimchi more and more. Then I found out that kimchi was made by [Miyeon]’s grandmother.”

By Jaya