BLACKPINK’s Lisa stole attention again through her style when flying to Paris. Lisa with V BTS and Park Bo Gum are known to both go to Paris to attend the Celine fashion show.

Departing using a private jet from the Gimpo Business Flight Center, Seoul, South Korea on Friday (24/6/2022), BLACKPINK’s Lisa appearance managed to steal the attention. Even though it looks relaxed, the outfit that Lisa is wearing seems to be of fantastic value.

In the photo circulating, Lisa is seen wearing a gray crop top hoodie jacket combined with glossy black leather trousers and white sneakers. There was a hair tie tied to his wrist. Her appearance was then further complemented by the black gold chain bag she was carrying.

After being traced, it seems that the price of Lisa BLACKPINK’s outfit, which turns out to be all Celine, is not kidding. Reporting from Instagram, the bag and gray hoodie worn by Lisa is Celine’s 2022 winter collection, the price is not yet known.

Meanwhile, the leather pants are priced at US$ 2,260 or around Rp. 33.5 million. The black-striped white sneaker costs $850 or around Rp. 12.6 million. And what stole the most attention was the price of his hair tie which reached US$300 or around Rp. 4.4 million.

Knowing the price, not a few netizens looked surprised.

“4 million just for hair tie,” commented one netizen.

“How come that scruncie costs $300?” other netizen comments in English.

“Scruncie is equivalent to 1 month’s salary,” another commented in English.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa with BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum is known to be attending the Celine Men’s Summer 2023 fashion show in Paris. Not only Lisa, V BTS and Park Bo Gum also seemed to be wearing Celine clothes while flying to Paris.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa premiered without bangs at BVLGARI’s ‘Eden the Garden of Wonders’. The launch of the jewelery collection was held in Paris, France on Monday (6/6/2022) local time.
It’s not surprising that BLACKPINK’s Lisa became the center of attention. Moreover, her hair is styled without bangs which is her trademark.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa appearance is considered a rare phenomenon by fans. Since debuting, she almost never shows her forehead without bangs.

A number of netizens remembered Lisa BLACKPINK’s statement on the Knowing Bros television show in 2020. He felt uncomfortable without bangs and was reluctant to show his forehead even though he had to shoot an ad.

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By Arkha